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Prenamed class combinations?

I was wondering if anybody had heard anything about prenamed class combinations, forexample the rogue/ranger is called the predator by the dev team but do you guys think that is just a petname and it wont have any specific name? or do you think it is more like archeage where you combination of classes gives you a predetermined class name? (ranger and tank = stone arrow)


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    i think some class do have names already made just by the class combo' a fighter/cleric or tank/cleric would be a paladin. some are just easier to name then others. there was a whole list of this somewhere in the forums already that was created. it was pretty good too
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    I imagine each combination will have a name for it.
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    As of this moment, this is all we know...

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    Hopefully they fill it up with some pretty good names. Looking forward to being called Trickster.
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