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"creating a world"+game helping

when u are start a big game-project as this you need to know that you shouldnt working to create a game because right now you are doing even more then that, you are creating a world.
from the last videos i have seen on the game(on your youtube channel and more..) you have been doing realy well on the graphics and i realy like that you are giving the monster life meaning while even leting the players play as a monsters.
however i wasnt able to find any information on the avatar creation which is a very big deal for a lot of the mmorpg community so i hope u will make us able to create our own creative avatar in your game. 
now lets move on to the fighing mechanix, the fighing mechanix were way too slow but otherwhise everything else is pretty good and seems realy intresting to try.
i realy think this game is going to become the best mmorpg for a long time.


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    I'm sure you don't need people telling you it's a pre-Alpha but there's plenty of vids out there that show exactly what unreal4 has the potential to do with character creation and combat. I'm sure you'll be impressed with the engine. How Intrepid utilise it is up for debate as that kind of info is limited or non-existent at this point.

    You raise valid points and there's plenty for you and I to look forward too as more and more info is released over the next few months/years.  

  • 1:08:00 Character customization, will people be able to make super ugly characters?

    There are going to be three primary builds that character customizations are going to fall into and those three primary builds, while differ from each other to a good degree, players won't be able to deviate too far from that portrayal of the race. There will be definitely fine tuning that will highly customizable, special in regards to the face, but from a body standpoint you are not going to see an 8 foot(2.4meters) tall halfling so to speak.

    Source: Discord QnA

    Additionally, straight out the discord.


    @Fulldiver "How extensive/detailed will the character creation be?"

    One thing I liked about BDO is their Character Creation. If I had to give a comparison, I would use BDO as an example of what our Character Creation is going for.

  • I like it when we link from things that has already been clarified good game @Grisu
  • truetears  I remember watching a stream where the Devs were discussing unreal engine and where it was pointed out that some of the 'best' games for the feeling of fighting were made on earlier versions of I don't think there'll be anything to worry about on the fighting/movement side.

    As @Grisu points out... still early days yet :)
  • @DwarfatarmsYou can always like me for it <wink wink, flutters off snickering>
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