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Garen the sexy Orc Ninja PT.2

Garen's finally made it home, his long and hard day of regaining his Chi took up most of his time. His sensei, may he rest in pieces, always told him to focus on his mind and soul first before his body. The image of hid loved one he killed flashes before his eyes as he walks down the cobblestone path to the den of assassins. He loved him/her, it was a struggle to keep going, especially when he had nothing to live for.. Suddenly someone grabs his arm, his reflexes initiate and he pins the person to the ground. The stunned gaze of the culprit makes him suck in his breath.. "Y-you dropped this..." he/she hands him a purse full of gold, "I didn't want anybody taking it, so I-I..." with a sigh, he helps her up, Garen was certain everyone was looking at him now... "Thanks" he grunted, then swaggered off.. "WAIT!" he/she followed after him, a spark in his/her eye as they looked up at him. "Where are you going? Can I come with you?" 
With a quick turn he grabbed them by the wrist and said "Look kid, I'm not looking for company, get lost."

Authors notes: I DO NOT OWN THIS SEXY IMAGE. What do you think will happen next in Garens adventures? Will he be able to find love again? 

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