The Ultimate Guide to Ashes - a community collaboration!

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Ok, so seeing all of these wonderful images that people are putting up, I thought it made sense for the community to try to do an 'art' version of an Ashes guide.

Basically because people ask the same questions again and again and again, and having visual images might help.

Now some of this might be difficult because it's still being put together... but how do you feel about the idea?

A pictoral guide to the choice you have of classes... races... freeholds...all of the things that can influence you such as weapon/social guild/religion/node etc etc

A pictoral guide as to what Ashes definitely won't have, such as ... well ok so I can't think of anything right now that it definately won't have....

This would obviously develop as time goes by, but is anyone up for this? Think it's stupid?


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    There is a vast majority of things to be implemented in game and in most hopeful way it'll launch in 2019 by trying  to provide the game before 2020. But with all tests and the problems they're gonna face I think this game will launch in no earlier than 2020(pesimist spotted), so it's too early to talk to exclusion. They have thousands of ideas flying through their mind and each day they're settling few ones to be certain. I don't think they made to point where to draw a absulete depiction of all races, classes and weapons, religion...

    Early fan art lies under imagination and possibilities to be implemented in game, I don't think they're supposed to load us with all info. They already give the splash art of the races Nükai and Ren'Kai as you can see I drew them as chibi verison and they mentioned hybrid classes so I have more fanart coming. Eventually, they're gonna do the splash arts for all the things they settle to do. As community, we can show our sport and have fun by imagining our own. I mean religion is complex, go draw a Christian Rogue or Muslim Mage if you want,(kidding don't, please don't) or merge race + class + weapon of your choice and present it. 
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    Megs       Said:

                   "This would obviously develop as time goes by, but is anyone up for this? Think it's stupid?"

    Dolphin infers  above I think it's way too early.  There is so much yet unspoken and so much that can be changed and added along the way.
    I would hate to see talented people like you work real hard at something that could ultimately be depicted as opposite of what it turns out to be.
    Great idea though.

    Your enthusiasm and that of everyone here is amazing. We certainly are coming together as a great community!
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    I hate so that if one tries to edit a post it is often lost to the nether!
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    *Put's the idea on a backburner*

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