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The Wayward Inn (for the rest of us)

You walk, stroll, cavort or prance past the plain blue and white striped tents, hammocks that have been hastily strung up. You see others who have walked through the divine portal, some you recognize, some you do not. Some have been here a long time, they seem jaded or giddy, it can be hard to tell the difference. They stride, strut and limp about. Some of them are clearly leaders of men, they are flanked by others who have joined under them, who fight beside them. There are some dwarves who remind you of the stories of the Warriors of old and they haul gear about, trade with crafters for a better blade, a pair of boots, a hide of something that smells quite unpleasant. You see those who have already braved the dark areas, the untamed fields, the hidden places in the world.

You walk past newly build inns who have titles such as Leaders of Men, Braver of Worlds,  there is even a glorious tent that smells of royalty. These are not places for you though, you continue walking and learning about your new world.

Then you come to a tent, or at least that is what it may be someday.  It is the fade blue and white stripes you have seen before, stretched out on poles to provide some protection. Rough tables sit under it, there is a fire at the far end and a caldron of some. Stew is cooking perhaps? If you get closer you will see a barrel of water and loaves of bread. A stack of horns from some sort of animal are piled up next to the food. You can guess that the horns are used for drinking, scooping and possibly stabbing things in a pinch.

 An old lady who off to the side of the tent sets down her axe and looks at you . She is standing next to a bunch of old stumps and logs she was hacking apart.  She is an Aela human, scarred and battered with white hair She points to the food "You may eat or drink as you need, there is cloth for a bed roll or a hammock over there, if you have time I can teach you to braid some rope to help make your tent, set your hammock, or make snare. Or none at all. If you need a knife or, she laughs slightly, an axe let me know, I can have one for you tomorrow. Oh, my name is Sozia, at your service, welcome. If you are free, I have a small quest for you, there some large rats in the basement that need killing, you look like you could deal with them"  She then winks at you and gives another rusty chuckle. There is no basement, no walls and you sincerely doubt any rats near her. Her voice sounds odd, you don't recognize the accent but she seems kind and sincere enough.

 "Right, welcome to the Wayward Inn." 


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    "Thank you, innkeeper, for your warm hospitality!" *hefts aloft a large, hairy, toothy mammal, and an earthen jar of modicum size*

    "While out procuring some Glumble Bee honey for the proprietor of the Braver of Worlds Inn, I was fortunate enough to come across a demonic bunny on the way back." *holds the bunny higher*  "Ugly creatures, true, but they taste much better than they look."

    "My original intent was to bring this largess to the Bravers Inn, but as I passed you by, it seemed your establishment could put it to much needed use.  The honey you could use to make a fine mead, and the hare meat for your...uh...stew." *gives the "stuff" bubbling in the cauldron an awkward look*

    *sets the items down, and makes for the exit*

    "Well, I hate to go back on my word, so I'm off to hazard the Glumble Bee Caves, once again.  Take heart, Lady Sozia, in that your warm welcome will surely touch the souls of those you shelter!  You have my thanks, and may the gods be kind to you!  Till next time!"

    *exits with a flourish, cape billlowing behind him....while, for some odd reason, looking towards the top of the tent, as if in anticipation of something....*
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    Sozia smiles.
    "Ahh thank you. I see rabbit jerky and honey mead in our future here. Simply delightful and very kind of you.

    We all arrive in this world with nearly the same items and so everyone has many needs and not everyone has the time or the knowledge to gather it.  So your generosity and knowledge is doubly thanked. I hope to see you soon, either here or out in the world."

    She watches as he leaves, and taking mental notes on the cut and color of his cape. Already she is pondering capes with pockets, waterproofing, fire resistance and colors.

    She then gives herself a shake and starts reciting the list of her needs under her breath.

    Pot. Yes.

    Water....She looks at the honey. Mmm, equal parts honey to water then to start.

    She stops for a minute then smiles. "Yes, yes the totem stick will work it's magic. "

    A bit of fruit and the cloth and yes, this will be delightful.  As she mutters and wanders she pulls out a knife and dresses the hare quickly removing the feet and head before a couple minutes have passed she has dunked, removed the hide and taken care of the viscera. Without seeming to even pay attention to what she is doing she has it sliced, diced, seasoned and ready over the flames for smoking. 

    She goes back to chopping and crafting for a bit more, she will head out to the spring for water for the mead later. 

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    A week has passed and the mead is coming along nicely. Sozia continues to learn more about the new world and the people. Old and new. 
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