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Registered but not receiving emails?

Not sure where to post this...

Both fiancé and I registered at the same time. She gets emails from AoC...I do not. Not in spam / junk / etc.

She is registered for the weekly drawings...I am not.

I cannot re-register unless I create and use another email account which I prefer not to do...suggestions?

I would hate to miss out on Alpha codes or something similarly awesome due to what seems to be a glitch.



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    Hi, awesome another player, no, two! Welcome to our family! :)
    You could ask around in <a href="">Discord</a>! It might be a bug.

    Are you sure you didn't misspell anything? Hmm, maybe wait a little while.
    Keep us updated.

    ~ Zention
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    Oh? There's been multiple emails sent out? I got the activation email when I registered on 12 January, then the first newsletter that was sent out on the 25th, and that was it.
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    Im pretty sure theres only been the registration and the newsletter, and ofc. codes if you've been lucky enough to get them ;)

    But yeah asking on discord might not be a bad idea.
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    Check spam
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    Are you still experiencing this issue?
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    You could delete and recreate your account.
    Go to Your account ---> Delete account.

    If thats not what you want to do you can always mail them at:

    Hope it helps ;)
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