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Will crafting be boring like modern mmos? or will it be like mabinogi?

Most modern MMOs require you to gather the materials and and then either have a NPC make something for you or you lvl up the skill your self but it doesn't benefit you yourself as in you lvl to fast that that crafting is useless or that endgame crafting is useless compared to dungeon/raid/boss loot.

In maginogi you can choose a crafting profession or a other combat type classes as your main class (Bard, cook, blacksmith, weaver, fisher, carpenter) like you would choose a tank healer or dps in modern games. 
What it does better then most is its not cut and dry.
While you are crafting and if you picked blacksmithing as your class you would be  lvling the class from novice -beginner-intermediate - advanced - master - and save up alot of money to the take a series of hard test and complete them and become Grand master Blacksmith.  (that gives you a title and stat boost to you). along with the blacksmithing skill you would be lvling up Metallurgy to gather metals, jewels, clay. and refining to refine the metals. 

The is a ranking system in lvling up the skill's(and class). From RANK F to  rank 1(F-E-D-C-B-A- 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1) each time you rank it up you get "STATS" yes you actually get stats added to your character to make it stronger each time you are lvling up the crafting skill.  just like you would get certain stats for when you are a combat class lvling up.  each skill has a ranking to lvl up and gives stats. 

As you rank up you also get benefits to making it easier to craft some things as you get higher rank and able to craft new things. And also able to leave your name and rank of crafting on the item you created. later on being able to boost weapon/armor stats for a certain time by sharpening or polishing them. all items have a durability so that they are lost over time. and the max durability decreases every time it is fixed. making crafters a needed and wanted. 

You need certain tools to and equipment to to do the craft, along with buying the limited use recipe to be able to make a item. and they have a minigame that you have to complete and depending on how good you did you can make a really good piece of armor or a really crappy piece.

The more you do something the more you lvl it up. 

what do you think is this to advanced for your game?  (even tho is is from such a old game [2003] that is still around.)

reference so you can see what i'm talking about:
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