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[NA] Adventurers Without Borders (PvE, PvP)

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Hello and welcome to Adventurers Without Borders. We are a guild that is currently growing, and is ready to challenge head on any challenges we may face. We are a meritocratic guild that aspires to emulate a traditional adventurers guild. This means exploring the world and taking requests to keep our node safe.

Our first goal as a guild is to explore the world of Ashes. This means that we will try to find everything that is hidden throughout the world such as special dungeons, rare resources, or the trail leading to a legendary item once thought to be lost to the sands of time.

Our second goal as a guild is to foster the prosperity of the node that our guild occupies and shares with our fellow guilds in the node we settle in. This could mean helping out other players or fostering the success of our own guild members, or those of any allied guild. We would make sure to help guild and alliance members advance their crafting and religious advancement, as well as making sure their trade caravans get where they need to go.

This guild will be both PvE and PvP focused because in this game both these playstyles will be linked with each other. So we will both be doing the big dungeons and raids to get the epic loot, but we will also be ready to defend our node so that we do not lose what we worked so hard to build.

We also have around 5 people with the $1k backer packages and will reward active members in the community with a choice of the guild cloaks, mount barding, or beta keys.

All are welcome here at Adventurers Without borders, whether you be old or new we would be glad to have you. Lets explore the great and mysterious world of Ashes of Creation together.

Here is our discord:



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