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Xan's Fan Fiction

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It is I, the Illustrious Xan, Inn Franchiser, Aussie Overlord and resident Discord dweeb.

You may know me from the world's first Ashes of Creation Inn and Harem/Brothel. I have decided to branch out into Fantasy Lore, where I have taken creative liberties to begin writing backstories for particular characters from each race. The time is set before the portals open and you find yourself in the game (when it's released)...well before. 

My first short story has already been written about a Ren'Kai orc. I will gladly take suggestions for which character to write next, and will keep this thread updated whenever I write a new story. I'll also consider purchasing a domain name, but since I made this site in 15 mins and am not willing to yet spend money on, this is the (temporary) link to my fan site. If you want to be notified when I write a new story (probably every day at first, then tapering off to every few days), please use the subscribe feature. I won't spam you with emails or anything!

The Link is below this line, it's in black for some reason:

All feedback appreciated (except if it's bad..just kidding even if it's bad).


Love Xan.


  • wow, this is really good for a fan fiction. you have skills my friend 
  • Shothi asked me to write one about a Nikua Dwarf. It was a lot harder than the first one, because Orcs are generally easier to write about. I find writing about fighting or war, is like second nature, and pushed out the Orc story in well under an hour. The dwarf story on the other hand was far more difficult, I tried to take a unique approach due to the Nikua not being your traditional mountain dwarves. I hope you guys enjoy it, and of course, all comments, suggestions, and feedback is appreciated.
    Click the link in the original post, and check the most recent story titled "Scales In the Shallows", for the Nikua story, or "Betrayal" for the Orc story.

    Which race do you want to see next?
  • Great story Xan, i really enjoyed it!  :)

    A few tiny things i picked up on (grammar):

    First paragraph - "..a few brutal drunken bar fights had cleared any remaining teeth that were still clung to life". Should be 'clinging to life'.

    Last paragraph - "Inn the confusion". Should be 'In'.
                              - "man sized lizard". Should be man-sized.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Ohhh, this is gooood stuff. Great work!

    More! Must have more!
  • Thx MrC. Slack editing on my part.
  • Wow Xan! You've outdone yourself again! Really enjoyed this!
  • This is great @xantham, will you make stories only for races or classes as well? ^^
  • @Zhamblesyou how do you know I haven't already?

    If you look carefully at the end of the orc story, the wargs reacted a certain way, in unison...affinities?
    The end of the dwarf story, a "man sized lizard" with strange creatures...Tul'Nar? Summoner?

    The short stories may seem separate but if you look closely, especially with future stories, they may begin to converge into a larger theme ;)

    Won't give too much away though...early days yet!
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    Well, I finished the third story, it is a Vaelune Rogue and if I do say so myself, it's my best one yet. Definitely the one I've so far had the most fun writing. Enjoy!
  • First your tavern and now this @Xantham. There are no limits to your creativity it seems. Nice work :)
  • I quit LoL a few months creativity and spare time has increased 100 fold ;)
  • It does make me want to write fanfics again, but I'm not sure if my style of writing would be "reader safe."
  • nagash said:
    It does make me want to write fanfics again, but I'm not sure if my style of writing would be "reader safe."
    Only one way to find out ;)
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    *Dave bring me my bone typer  we have work to do*
  • I love it...u have some serious skills man...U need to ask Steven to get u some work ;)...pls keep it up i really enjoy to read it
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