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Dedicated Twitch Channel for AOC

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Hey there my name is Saskl, I have recently started streaming and am trying to build up a following on twitch before ashes of creation is released. 

My channel upon Release/during Beta and hopefully if possible during Alpha as i was lucky enough to afford the $500 package, Will be dedicated to streaming for AOC content. This is why i'm starting up now to try and get my head of the crowd before the game releases. 

Games i currently Stream:

Playersuknown's Battleground.
Rainbow Six Siege.

And other things if i feel like the catch my eye. 

Actually if anyone has a suggestion on games to try out i'm all ears as i'm bored to shit at this current time and looking for a new game to sink my teeth into and stream for a while. So any suggestion let me know!

But yeah come and chill and watch a stream when i'm online! 

Also if you are looking for a hardcore PvP Guild upon Release please take a look at Phoenixguard, witch i  have just became an officer of. So please check out our forums and apply if you feel this is what you are looking for.


  • Links are there by the way you just have to scroll over them see them not sure why they made them come out in black but hopefully they will change that! 
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