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How hard would it be to throw out a few Hi-Res wallpapers for us?

In the grand scheme of making this game, I know this is a very small and unimportant thing, but I figured I could ask. I would love if we could get a few high resolution wallpapers to decorate our computer screens. Even in alpha, all of the environments we have been shown so far are breathtaking.

Just because I'm curious to see who else agrees with me (and because I wanted an excuse to play more with the forums) I threw up a simple yes/no poll. I made it private just so there isn't a mile of mini-avatars in the OP.

Much love to you Intrepid,



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    Yes. Yes I would. 
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    edited June 2017
    If they involve battles or stunning shots of the world then yes I would 
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    It depends ... what kind of wallpapers? Not trying to be racist, but the naked dwarf thing really doesn't do it for me... any more.

    Nudges the corner of a tattered parchment under his bed.
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    I would love that...better still desktop screensavers with music from the promo vids/game.
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    It seems my poll took my discussion headline as well, I can edit my post but not my poll, but its pretty explanatory. Apologies, friends. I'll fix it if its ever fixable so it doesn't trigger my OCD.
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    Already have the portal as my screensaver from the image gallery, would love some other options, come on Intrepid... Surprise us.
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