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Character Journal Entires

Hail and Well Met, Friends!

Apparently in my traditional noob fashion, I posted this is the wrong forum. So I'm going to try it again...

With more than a little time to prepare for the game, and each of us waiting for the content releases for lore and game play, I have decided to start writing Journal Entries for my character(s). I welcome other writers/journalists to share their own stories on the matter. In the comments below please feel free to add your own character journal entries. I would love to read what others have come up with and perhaps we can even collaborate on connecting these stories in one form or another. 

Disclaimer: These Pre-Alpha entries are subject to change once more Lore is given on the subject. After such time I will be more than willing to make an updated post for True Lore, while keeping these as a memory for the theorycrafting going on.

To get the ball rolling here is a Journal Entry from Kesarakk ((Yes, I will be playing this character in game)). Some backstory: Kesarakk is a Mage of Zazel, a group of mages who followed the teachings of an ancient Archmage before the Exodus of the home world. Perhaps Zazel was one of the architects who created the gateways, or maybe he was a god from the Ashes Pantheon who helped saved his children? Time will only tell. 

Entry One: The Gateways

Much has happened these few nights. While I prefer to keep my writings focused alchemical formulas and arcane tomes, recent events have inspired me to record the changes in our collective culture, as we know it. The gateways have become active again. The greatest achievement by our ancestors, which were little more than monuments, are alive with magical energies again. 

My colleagues and I have our own speculations as to the reasons behind this, but the general consensus is that the home world is free of it’s former dangers. That is, if one were to ignore the piety of the priests and clerics, who think that one god or another has given this to us as an omen; a reminder of the dangers our ancestors once faced. They would have us dismantle these gateways and adhere to the doctrine of their gods. I find this ill conceived. Scrolls dating to the time before our ancestors walked through those gateways have given no credit to these zealots. 

This has caused many debates, most civil… others more violent. Sides are beginning to draw their lines. Many wish to return to the home world, to see the sky that our ancestors once looked upon as they bid farewell to the day, while others demand the status quo remain intact. I leave this very night to meet with my brethren in the Tower of Zazel. Religion has caused much argument over this subject, perhaps magic will settle the matter.

Kesarakk the Purple
Mage of Zazel


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    Very nice, @Kesarakk!  Like you said, we don't know much about the established lore, but it's been fun for me to read posters fan-fic stories!  

    Thank you, and waiting for more!
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    Very nice, @Kesarakk!  Like you said, we don't know much about the established lore, but it's been fun for me to read posters fan-fic stories!  

    Thank you, and waiting for more!
    I have made 3 more posts in Journal Entires inside the Lore Forums. I may transfer them over to this post.

    thank you for your support!
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    You have my interest @Kesarakk. I intend to play a wandering Loremaster-esqe Mage. Perhaps our characters could become acquaintances. lol 
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    Looking forward to seeing where this is going. 

    Out of curiosity, why purple? Is it an order of alchemy or spells? His favourite colour? Did he dye himself in some strange alchemical accident? 
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    As the Whovians would say: "Spoilers"
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