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Small Development Team

Is anyone a bit concerned about how small their development team is?  Last I heard they were hiring 2 more developers but still...


  • They're hiring more members still! It'll be ok!
  • Patience. They have tons of time.
  • the hard part of the game is mostly done, was made while we were unaware of the project.
    I would just look to the future with hope and if you know any one that can support the game, inform them.

    Like @Babe said, "It'll be ok".

  • Krojak said:
    Patience. They have tons of time.
    I have to agree with @Krojak. Yes they have a small team but they are building carefully and they do have time, for sure. All of us here recognise that we are in for one hell of wait, but we're also making the most of it. :)
  • Short answer "No".

    And this is why. 

    They just hired a bunch, more than 2, with plans to bring in up to 30 more staff. The game is still 2 years out, and they already have many of the basic systems established. Plus they've done a ton of work on this game in the short time they've been working on it with the small staff they have now. 

    Give me small and efficient over huge and lumbering any day. Look at some of the garbage games that AAA studios pump out, it's not a true fact that a big dev team makes a good game. 
  • We all have been burnt so many times "waiting" for promising games to come out.  If they can deliver on what they intend to deliver on, this game will be very good I believe.  I have to temper my excitement, but it's difficult.
  • Darvain said:
    We all have been burnt so many times "waiting" for promising games to come out.  If they can deliver on what they intend to deliver on, this game will be very good I believe.  I have to temper my excitement, but it's difficult.
    Well, you're in good company here @Darvian. There are some pro temperers in this forum so make the most of them! ;)
  • I'd rather have them slowly hire good talent then have large numbers of people who may or may not be good at their jobs
  • I wouldn't sweat it man.  They have been very open about their plans with hiring more people.  Steven is a private sector millionaire who really just wants a great game.  I think that we've just been ruined by the "business model" games that are hollow and soulless.  This is gonna be the one, I can feel it.

    Whatever that's worth lol.
  • Small team for now, yes. However with the time they put in before doing the kickstarter and how much experience they have with these kinds of things I won't hold anything against them. They will be hiring more members to speed the game, quality control, and to have more hands on the work load. Just remember, they are not going to be releasing the game anytime soon. It might be a year and a half or more. If you already put in funds for the game development then I guess it is already too late to question your investment.
  • Don't worry @Darvain, thanks to Kickstarter, Intrepid are able to hire a few more people.

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    In Ashes I think there is more work to do on the 'systems' side of the equation than on the 'content' side. 'Systems' development requires talent not manpower for the most part. I think it's premature to say that they don't have enough staff, ask again in a year.
  • After they finish planning the base and majority of the events, their team will turn into a chinese factory. 

    They need to make all the feasibilities right, then they're gonna draw a timeline for all the things, they have to calculate which part should need more attention. And they need to log and organize every step they do, so for that they need another documentation preparation to analyze the problems and their mistakes etc. etc. 

    If they currently hire more people, all they can do is sit and drink tea. More people will be added, the more position is required, if possible they should also hire some college/high school students as intern to get their views on the game development because every company needs a young fresh brain. So I guess they need to plan everything first before singing "It's raining employees, Hallelujah, It's raining employees, Amen... "
  • Patience my friend.  All in good time as they say because we all know good things come in small packages.  Heck we have some good dwarves here!  They're  small and good at something.  Look at all the ale they clean up!
  • I will concur with the previous posts.  The development team size is scalable to the demands of the project.  With what I have seen, after only a few days research, they have the makings of a very interesting game.  Which probably means that they have the people they need and are adding people as requirements demand.  I missed the kickstarter, which makes me sad, but they are well funded and looking to improve the game years prior to launch.  Being a code monkey for part of my career I have come to understand a basic fact:

    A million monkeys at a million typewriters for a million years may inevitably recreate Shakespeare but a million code monkeys at a million computers for a million years does not generate elegant code.  But the right code monkey in the right place at the right time with the right people around them can produce elegant code.

    Have patience.  And the proof of the game will come out.  With the openness of the team so far, the progress of the game should become evident over time.
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