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How will prophesy work?

If some people have the gift of prophesy how will that work? Like, you'll be awesome at the stock market? Or, don't go that way, the trail is full of monsters, or, you can be in the beta before anyone else, or, this node is leaning towards becoming trade oriented, or, what? 

I think it will be a sneak peek at the data kind of thing. For instance if it takes 10,000 trees to be cut down to release the tree god the prophesy people might get an alert when the number of trees chopped down reaches 9,000. "Beware! Man is in the forest! A great evil is about to be released!" or something like that. That would be cool 'cause then you can run away or prepare to go get 'em. 


  • Or maybe you can stock up on wood 'cause who's gonna gather when people are getting killed in there.
  • Prophesy won't work as a mechanic.
    But, we might be able to predict based on knowledge from other servers.
  • never heard of this.  but perhaps the person might be part of an important event. or have one revolving around their actions?
  • Gypsies should not hate to share their fortune telling gifts!  
  • Can't say I really heard much about prophecy stuff...
  • The Vek are said to be able to prophesize, so how it will manifest is unknown at this time, but @sunfrog has some interesting guesses.
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