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Possible Tank Skills

This is a list of Tank skills that I thought would be great to see since my 15 years of Tanking on MMOs. Some are ones I've seen but thought it could use some fixes. Some are from Anime shows I've seen that I added something to and thought it would be really useful and cool inside a PvE/PvP tanking setting. These are just a few things I think would be great and fun to use.

Also Can't really give a lot of ideas till I can see the Tanking Warrior class in game to see the feel and play style it gives off.

These are examples and the percents are just place holders to get my thoughts across.

<strong>Raging Howl</strong>
AoE Taunt Skill forcing all Mobs around the tank in a set distance to attack the Tank and applies an all Damage reduction up to 30%-35% to the tank for a set amount of time maybe 12 to 24 seconds PvE Only ----- PvP AoE Taunts all players forcing them to target the Tank adding a 15% Damage reduction for 12 to 24 seconds and if they choose to attack another player or anything else while under the Taunt effect they receive huge damage for turning their attention away from the Tank by the Tank. 25 to 35 second CD

<strong>Shield Block -- Modified</strong>
Almost every game has one and I think every game should but it would be cool if my shield block not only blocked a % of my incoming damage but also a % of any party or raid member or non group ally member who takes cover behind it while its active. No CD can be used at all times by tank but makes it so they Can't gain Threat or attack while active.

<strong>Iron Fortress</strong>
Tank slams their shield in the ground forcing them to go on the offensive increasing their melee damage by 25% and damage taken by 30% for 8 to 12 seconds and gives 15% to 40% group damage reduction to all party or raid members behind the Tanks shield. 5 to 10 minute CD

<strong>Shield Charge</strong>
Tank puts their shield in front and charges at an enemy or group of enemies dealing damage and knocking them back and reflecting a % of magic damage to the attacker while blocking melee critical damage. 12 to 24 Second CD

<strong>Sunder Earth AoE</strong>
The Tank stomps the ground sundering the earth beneath their feet causing damage to anything inside its range and applying a movement impairing debuff that slows all effected by it by 50% for 8 seconds. 5 to 12 second CD

<strong>Inspiring Shout or Moralizing Shout</strong>
Tank shouts and all allies within 15 to 20 yards of the tank gains a damage reduction Buff for 20 seconds reducing all damage taken and increasing damage done by 15%. 30 to 35 second CD

<strong>Spell Reflect</strong>
Tank raises their shield reflecting all spell damage for the next 6 seconds back to the attackers. 30 to 40 second CD

<strong>Devastating Leap</strong>
Tank leaps 5 to 30 yards away slamming the ground doing damage to all in 10 yards of the impact stunning all inside for 3 seconds. 25 to 45 Second CD

<strong>Chains of Fate</strong>
Throws a chain around an ally party or raid member linking them to the tank redirecting 50% damage they take to the tank to share the fate of the chained ally for 25 seconds. If the chained ally moves 35 yards away from the tank the chain snatches the chained member back on top of the tank. 1 to 1.5 minute CD

<strong>Fortifying Presence</strong>
The tank shouts and all party or raid members within 10 yards of the Tank become fortified and all damage taken is reduced by 25% to 35% for the next 12 seconds this includes the tank. 2 minute CD

Tank goes into a rage becoming as tough as iron reducing damage taken by 50% for 8 seconds. 5 minute CD

<strong>Shield Shackle</strong>
Tank throws their shield at the target slowing them by 30% for 12 seconds at the end of the 12 second they are snared in place for 4 seconds. 25 to 30 second CD

<strong>Iron Lasso</strong>
Tank throws an iron lasso around an ally or enemy pulling them to the tank. 24 second CD 10 to 20 yards range


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    BTW Got a ton of ideas to add to this but I'm tired so will edit more later. Also sorry for the grammar it's late and I'm bad at it when I'm not tired.
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    i would love to see an ability for tanks for a guard (Guard allows you to take a % of the damage done to a friendly player by taking it upon yourself instead) similar to what War hammer Online had. im pretty sure it had a % of the aggro generated by the friendly player put on the tank as well.
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    I really loved crusaders in Ragnarok Online. Ability to link you character to another, and be able to take dmg they receive. Another one was dmg reflect, similar to Diablo thorns.
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    i miss ability's like that tanks become so much for useful in pvp, in protecting the squishys
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    <blockquote>i miss ability’s like that tanks become so much for useful in pvp, in protecting the squishys</blockquote>

    It's nice when you don't have to worry about the stealth guys showing up behind you and killing you in one quick combo.
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    Keep em coming!
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    Personally I'm looking forward to the augmented tank skills. Things like a magic augmented charge would be pretty awesome.

    <strong>Offensive Augment:</strong> With a magic augment maybe after charging to your target you create a small AoE explosion with fire.

    <strong>Defensive Augment: </strong>Since you're a mage on the defensive side after using a charge a magical shield/barrier could form on you able to absorb some X magic damage before breaking, or goes away within 8 seconds if not enough damage breaks it.

    I'm really looking forward to the variety of magical augments on my tank to enhance the gameplay. I'd like to hold off on too many suggestions until I see our skill variety to find what we are lacking or simply have too much of.

    Side note: I really liked how Warhammer Online did it with the ironbreakers and such being able to link yourself to a character. You gained grudges (for ironbreaker) at a small percentage of damage they were dealt on top of making party PvE more effective. PvP was great because you could team up with a healer or strong DPS and with a bit of coordination be significantly more effective.
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    same im interested in seeing how a tank/mage or a tank/healer build would go
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    Hate increase buff for tanks, so they are able to hold mobs on them while in encounter especially in dungeons. AOE taunt would be nice.
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    <blockquote>same im interested in seeing how a tank/mage or a tank/healer build would go</blockquote>

    Tank/healer would more than likely act as a Paladin. Tank/mage maybe like a dark knight type? Possibilities are endless!
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    Added more to OP
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    I hope to see skills in this game that make tanks viable in PvP. Too often I've seen them be strong in PvE situations, but near useless in PvP. The previously mentioned ability to take damage for an ally would be great. It lets tanks do what they do best (take damage for their team) without forcing an agro or taunt system on players, which I personally never enjoyed. The Raging Howl ability Tronus put up might be a good ability for this if the numbers are balanced properly, but unless the range of the taunt is massive, it doesn't help against ranged enemies, or stealthed enemies.
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    More added to OP.... Have lots more to go... Sorry
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    I'm just wondering will they allow spear/shield users to be tanks? It was a build I used to quite enjoy back in the days of Ragnarok online as far as skills go I like some of the plainer things when it comes to sword and board.

    Shield Bash- Strikes 1 enemy with shield and deals (weapon damage + x strength damage) and stuns for 1.5 seconds.

    Change stance - Perhaps having different stances (Attack, Defense, Balanced) to either give the tank the ability to defend and/or Deal damage.

    Thrusting charge - player runs in a straight line for 9m dealing (weapons damage + strength 1/2) to enemies in its path.

    Hp Recover- HP recovery happens every 3 seconds while resting and every 5 seconds while active. (Stamina 1/2 = hp recovered per cycle)

    I can't think of any more for now but I'll edit if I come up with anything.
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    well I'm just listing skills that would be a Def CD or major Tanking skills cuz I figured they had basic tanking attack and def skill already placed. I could list Offensive and Defensive skills for tanking but the list I could make and come up with would be (Trump Voice) "Huge" so wanted to just throw mid to major Def cds and a few other stuff.

    Could I get a confirmation on if the Devs want our feedback and ideas on any and every type of skills?
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    I tank, alot. Secretly, I have always wished for a skill where if I can manage to get behind the boss in the middle of a fight, I could give them a snuggy :)
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