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Is it bird or dragon?



  • Looks like something partially out of phase with all the wisps and smoke...
  • I was definitely thinking phoenix.
  • Sooooooo a primitive Reaper right?

  • Looks more like a minotaur avatar.
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    Kind of looks like a tree to me...
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    I see two different type of bird-like creatures for some reason lol. I see a griffon like creature with horns on its head, brown body with huge wings and tail with bird feet, black claws and also it punched a massive hole in the castle or something. and then a Phoenix or bird of some kind. 

    Or even worse maybe this is a product of animal husbandry. The breeding between griffon and Phoenix-Gripheonix the most powerful foe in the game. Dun dun dun. Lol 😆 
  • ok ok @Diura now you got me staring at this blurry picture for over 25 minutes.
    So I THINK Im with you a bird type creature
     Mainly from the structure of its head, but more importantly the black wing blurry flares for some reason  give me a feathery impression. .....there i can go back to work now
  • Look like a gaint swon
  • TLDR: I think it's a wyvern...  I'm going to definitely lean away from the phoenix. The head doesn't have the right shape to be a bird-like creature unless it has been cast down onto that particular structure, the lower jaw over-reaches the upper jaw, and there are semi-obvious toothy extrusions coming from both jaws. Next is the wing pattern. The wing seems to fold back away from the body, before extending from it's elbow out, thus showing more that it is shaped like a wyverns wing because it would need that bend in order to then lean on the claws protruding from the end of the wing. The wing is also much too ragged to be that of a phoenix. As for the flame effect of it, obviously wyverns are able to use a fire breath in this universe and if you look down the tower it is attacking, you can see there is a burst of flame there. Any other bursts of flame that bright around the rest of the battlefield are being cast by other wyvern's flame breath attacks impacting with something. This wyvern appears to be sending it's flame breath into the top of the tower, causing the massive explosion you see around the rest of the head. As for the shadows encasing the rest of the body, a mixture of smoke, and artistic swirl. Just my two cents from observing it along with the rest of the photo. :)
  • sunfrog said:
    It's a vulture with it's face on fire. 
    I will say though. Next to my theory.... This one is I think the best... 
  • To me, it looks like a horned shadow beast sort of thing....almost more minotaur in shape, but largely insubstantial in mass. 
    You can see his back left leg extend behind him as he lunges forward with his left fist.
    That's what I see too.  The shape above looks similar in overall shape but looks like it's shooting a fireball.
  • The top one is a fire breathing cow and the bottom one is a furry phoenix.
  • It looks like a demon
  • Hater's gunna hate... Ducks gunna duck.. Its a duck for sure :mrgreen:
  • i was assuming demonic spirit or an elemental.
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