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Stick Figure Fight Animation (TankMage vs BardHunter)

Hey guys,
 I just made a fast paced short stick figure flash animation between a TankMage and a BardHunter
If you enjoy it,  more to come.

Mage Tank Skills': a Forceshield that can be manipulated in-size mentally,  a thunderbolt shower(Jupiter Rain); References; Sailur Jupiter from Sailor Moon and Thor from Marvel.

Bard Hunter Skills': a Melody Barrage that can be shot like a machine gun, a swift escape skill Symphony Breakout
References: Chinese Harp skills from Asian MMORPGs and Neo from RWBY.

 I was gonna draw a fight scene with normal characters instead of stickfigures, then I was like "I ain't got time for that" but I will, someday in the future.

For 10fps

For 40 fps


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