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Bugged to the core and no support...

I am experiencing various problems with the forums:

1) I cannot edit my signature;
2) Some badges (i.e.: Survivor, Answer) have not been assigned to me;
3) Various probs posting.

On June 2nd I contacted Technical Support (through the forums) and PM a community moderator. This person had adviced us to do so in case we would experience this kind of problems. 11 days after and I have not received the courtesy of an answer yet. I understand people are busy, but this is not professional. At least they might have replied to the PM saying to be a little more patient, or something like that.

Ignoring your customers is not cool.


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    editing signatures is something that is being worked on and has several threads explaining on how some people were able to do so - whilst it doesn't work for everyone i suggest you give it a try maybe it will work for you, the survivor badge's are still being rolled out to various people who haven't received it yet, and the problems posting may be due to the spam bot picking you up as spam, also something that is being worked on. 
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    Thank you Shunex. Most appreciated.
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