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Multiple accounts

Hello everyone,
Any idea if we would be able to have multiple game accounts under the same Ashes account? Kind of like having multiple WOW accounts under the same account. Also weren't we supposed to get a period where we could choose to upgrade our kick starter pledge? I ask because my fiance dun goofed and didn't get her kick starter pledge in on time. 

Thank you all


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    I don't know about multiple accounts. I haven't seen it mentioned but I wouldn't have really noted it if it was.  As for your fiance this is from kickstarter updated number 17.  :)

    "You will be happy to hear that we are currently in the processes of integrating the information from Kickstarter into our Account database and will be sending out emails to your Kickstarter registered emails by Tuesday of next week (June 20th).  June 20th will also be the launch of our store at where members who were unable to participate in the Kickstarter, due to limited payment processing, will have an opportunity to back Ashes."

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