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The Bard's College - Building Type

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edited June 2017 in Ashes of Creation Lore
City builders can choose certain buildings to create for their cities I suggest a new type of building here.

The design goal of the Bard's College is to create in game narrative generated by the players recorded by the players and then disseminated by the players.

The bards college would recruit people to find out the lore of the world and tell stories within the game.

When a bard from the college encounters a monster they learn attributes of the monster and collect keywords they can use in their songs, creating in game guides on hurting the monsters or simply songs featuring monsters with that attribute or comical combinations of keywords. Think of something like a tweet but with minimum amount of specific words used in it, with a character limit.

Players can identify characters in the game and use them as keywords, as well as certain characteristics of the character like if they're a gatherer or what their class was, or if they killed another player.

Being part of a siege would add keywords about the location you witnessed or if you watched a monster attack the town.

These songs require a minimum amount of keywords to be able to be included in a scroll, scrolls would be voted on by the college's management and then members would choose their favorites. The favorites would then be playable by bards who can memorize a small number based on their hierarchy in the College.

Rival Colleges compete to become the most popular and sing their songs in the most taverns.


  • An excellent Idea, Id support it
  • I like this idea as well.
    You should pitch this idea to Jeff. He would love it too.
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    Tell me of this Jeff

    How does one summon Jeff
  • I would like to see this in the game, even if it's not specifically a Bard College, I would like something along these lines.
  • I'm expecting a "bard's college" to be part of the Scholar's Academy.
  • Yeah, I agree with Dygz. That sounds a lot like the Scholar's Academy.
  • The mechanics in the OP seem super-complicated.
    I hope we can at least do something similar by creating a "chant" that can be attached to and triggered by each of the bard spells.
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    They're not really complicated. Its like tagging a post with all the applicable tags and then discovering one of those tags when you view the post. The tags are already there for sorting reasons when you make the post.
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