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Animal Husbandry and the Aging Mob!

Would it be an interesting dynamic if certain mob types actually bred rather than spawned and aged over time rather than static.

@Nelirya an interesting thought from your question to the Developers expanded upon.

Different materials could be farmed off the said mobs at different ages of development.
  • Young: Farm them when in their youth and you get a plentiful (cheap/basic ) mat
  • Middle Aged: They have been in the world a while and become millde Aged. Farm them middle aged and you get a mid range material 
  • Old/Mature: These mobs have had an enjoyable life, left alone in the world for some time unharmed. Farm them as a mature / aged mob then you get a rare (expensive/elite) mat.
This would be very hard to control as players would tend to farm what ever is in the countryside and would take a restrained coordinated node community to farm the expensive mobs or just a lucky player to find that rare mob.

Just a thought, would you like to see aging mobs?


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    Which mobs would age?  Wild mobs? and wouldn't they just breed on their own?  How exactly does Animal Husbandry fit in?
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    Just a thought for any mobs that are managed by yourself ie your own farm: cattle, pigs, chickens.. and also for wild mobs that are group mobs lore permitting.. ie wild deer, fish, rabbits, bears etc.
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    Huh, that is actually a rather interesting idea, I never thought that far on my own to be honest :D
    Could be rather interesting, I guess the mobs (animals) could appear in slightly different sizes to indicate their "age". So, when you come to kill and then either skin them for leather/fur or butcher for meat, those products would be of different quality.

    What my idea was, that connects it to breeding/animal husbandry is that if you take Black Desert breeding as an example, the horses are born grown up. I remember playing Archeage for a while and think I saw that when you first got a mount it was young, you needed to feed and care for it to grow up (VERY short process).
    My question to the developers of Ashes is basically whether the offspring that is bred from our animals will be instantly grown up and be ready as a mount, or will we actually have to put some effort into raising it. I don't know about other people's opinions, but I would like it if the offspring was indeed young and perhaps depending on how it is brought up (amount of food/water), maybe it would develop slightly different. So, when it is grown up, maybe it would have slightly different stats to another of its kind, or something among these lines.
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