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'New' posts options on forums

When I'm roaming about looking at the forums, I can see [New] listed next to threads with new posts. (Kindle device - Some search engine thing called silk)

However accessing it via Pc, I can't see that, sure I can set preferences to be notified of topics I've been active in, but I have to actually go into each and every thread just in-case I've missed something because of the 100+ notifications I've been getting. PC Chrome / Firefox - gave up after those two engines because aparently I've deleted the otheres....

Is there any way to be able to see this at quick glance, on the pc layout of the forums?


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    I still see the (new) tag on PC (Using chrome).

    I bookmark the few threads I'm particularly interested in so that allows me to check at a glance there have been new unread messages by checking the (New) tags.

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    ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited June 2017
    Yeah, so can I now,..... I couldn't earlier.... 

    Thanks :D

    *going mad*
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