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Real life cash Shop can lead to P2W?

Will you be able to sell items you buy from the Shop(Real life cash) and then sell it ingame for Gold?

I personally don't have a problem with this because I suspect people will always try to sell Gold ingame for real life cash anyway, and then I rather you guys have that money to support you for making this game.

However if you are confident in you will stop these goldsellers then make stuffs you buy from the Real life cash shop account bound.


  • I found the answer that it will not be tradeable, but don't know how to remove this Discussion :o
  • Oh shoot, I thought this thread meant "merchandise store" by "real life cash shop."
    Like, you know, Ashes of creation Books, Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Pogs, etc.

    However, as to what you are asking, I think its probably far too soon to know what will be.  But I don't think I've ever played a game where you could resell items you bought in such a way, before.
  • They did state cash shop items will not be able to be traded.  
  • The team also seems extremely clear on their stance against pay2win and pay for convenience. 

    So... It is most likely that this won't be happening. 
  • I would like an intrepid tshirt ^^ I'm indirectly part of the team :3
  • I would love a chibi steven ^^
  • i would like to buy some AoC sandals :P
  • I want the coffee cup from the last video >_<
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