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Option to increase text Font size

just wanted to through an idea out There for discussion:

I find that PC gaming has evolved past the traditional "play at your desk" style. I personally game on my big screen from my sofa. One thing I find difficult, is reading the minuscule text from that distance.  It would be nice to be able to adjuste the font size, to be able to read text from a distance. Not only text from a quest giver, but general Ui, and also item tool tips. 

Some games scale well onto 4K big screen, while others do not. I am just hoping there will be a way to game from my sofa. 
Considering that Steven has stated there will be a focus on lore, i would love to be able to clearly read all the quests on screen from like 10feet away, and not have to get up every 2 min to read a weapons tooltip


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    Hope so.  A lot of games will let you adjust font size.
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    OMG YES! Yes, yes, yes and yes! Whilst I do still, in fact, play on my PC, at my desk ... I'm gettin' old. *sigh* The eyes, they just don't work as they used to. Fantastical wonderful amazinglyful suggestion!
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    Defiantly I find it very aggravating in games when the text chat box is to small to read easily. Being able to increase the size of the font would help a lot.
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    I would hope so!!!
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    I think it's pretty standard these days. Keep voicing your opinion and there's a good chance you'll be heard :)
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