Is keyword based dialogue feasible for this project?

By keyword based dialogue I mean something akin to Wasteland 2 where a character will offer keywords to you during the course of their normal dialogue but generally won't give you cut or dry text.


  • I hope not.  
  • I think you'd end up with more people being #confused then actually doing quests
  • Speech recognition and synthesis are advancing in quantum leaps right now. By the time Ashes launches this might enable players to interact with the game by voice alone. This would be great for hearing and seeing impaired people. And with nuanced speech synthesis, would save Intrepid on costly voiceovers. I predict this tech will eventually find its way into pretty much every MMO.
  • When Everquest came out the keyword dialog where you have to 'talk' to the NPCs in order to get your quest was fun, but today people have mostly become stupid and lazy and will complain that they actually have to read the quest dialog.
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