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Which RP Community website do you like the most? (outdated!)

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EDIT: This Poll is outdated, so please be aware that those sites might no longer exist or have changed domain

There are now at least 3 Websites in construction aimed to bring the Ashes RP Community together. But i have the fear this will only fracture it.
So, here is a Poll. Which is the most appealing one for you!


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    personally i like the first one the best, because i created it  B)

    My problem with the second one is, it's and red...but it already has the most members
    the third one looks nice, but i get a cyber asian feel from it....somehow...
  • Truth be told, I wish there was a RP category here in this forum.... then we would be centralized together right here at the root of things.
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    yeah, thats true. but we probably don't get one.
    I hope one of the sites, even if it's not mine, gets most of the RPers, and thus somewhat unite us. if every of those gets only a part, it could feel for us like there is only a very small RP community, but there would actually be 3 small communities
  • I haven't checked back in a bit. Why are we scattered on the forums? Shouldn't we make a collaborative effort? is my vote. There's already plan for a main domain (See the first news post on the site).

    Though I'll give it, I like the forum layout on 

    Asthetically I still enjoy the OG shivtr site (Soon to be

    But serious. The owners of each of these forums should communicate, get together and form a mega-site. 
  • there is already communication between and don't worry. And we come to the understanding that the community currently will focus on the shivtr site, but if the community will not be happy with what shivtr offers the enjin plattform will be open as a backup plan. 

    on another note is now available in german. So if there are german RPers who would like to join a RP community but are not sure of their english skills, they are welcome here
  • I agree with unifying the RP community. So far it's the one community not at each other's throats and it's always hyping the game outside of the regular IS live streams.
    Keep up the good work guys. 
  • Anything with enjin or shivtr is :confounded:
  • You can find the german Ashes RP Community as part of the german Ashes Community:

    We thought that it might be good to join forces and don' split the german player base.
  • Truth be told, I wish there was a RP category here in this forum.... then we would be centralized together right here at the root of things.
    Wish granted sir <3
  • I despise enjin, so meh.
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    **update** admins already added a segment for AoC characters, already building my profile. Lol **

    I've never really used shvtr or enjin. 

    I'm kind of hoping I can get the site admins of to add Ashes of Creation to their list once the game is up and running. The site will be adding a major guild system that also allows alliances and rivalry to work with their added RP features--so I wouldn't mind building my AoC characters on that site. 

    I usually write out my characters there along with relationships (family, friends, mentors, rivals, etc.) and then add any info in an addon in game. It's also pretty good at helping me find people interested in story lines/dungeon rp runs. I just did one last week and had a really nice turn out. 

    An example if anybody is interested in seeing the site:

    Right now, the majority of the player base is WoW with some ESO and BDO players.
    I think the last set of stats they revealed was over 600 active accounts with over 3000 character profiles. So the site is still in its infancy. Just don't expect much from the forums. I think everybody rarely uses it since most users are in-game rping.
  • As a general rule, I dislike enjin. But I haven't tried shivtr, so I can't say I like it there better. Personally, I'd prefer for everything to be as central as possible, so using this forum would be my ideal scenario.
  • I think showing a United front is the most important thing to a community starting out. Sure some people feel motivated to spearhead the rp website, and I am sure they all have good reasons for doing so. But such devices early on can create confusion and problems in organizing and mobilizing our community.

    I propose all site owners and any guild leaders willing to participate get together one evening and discuss our options. This way we can eliminate any confusion new membership would feel as far as what site to join. Bear in mind, at the end of the day we all want the same thing;  a great rp community to be a part of. Let's focus on achieving that first.

  • This poll is extremely outdated, as only and the German site at are public and seem to be still around.  Just as a friendly heads up to people continuing to post on this poll, which has none of the current websites available as options.
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