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MMORPG End-Game Questing

Iv'e played a few MMORPG's over the past decade, currently I play ESO. The one thing in common that I noticed is specifically regarding the solo questing in most of these games. They are simply to easy to go through the main story quests and even side quests. There is no challenge until you get to end game, where you reached top level and begin to organize raids or group delves. 

Now, I'm not trying to strike down the game I play, but in ESO I noticed the same phenomenon. I bought the latest expansion Morrowind and at top level I've completed all the main solo quests in that new zone in 3 days. But I still play it for the PVP and I'll continue playing it for the lore. But the solo quests present no challenge other than I eluded before is grouping and defeating a delve boss or zone boss.

I just hope that Ashes Of Creation address this issue for solo players to get more of a challenge from solo questing even if you have reached end game. I don't want to start a new character from level 1 just to experience more challenge for solo questing. My fully geared and top level character should be able to get the same kind of a challenge for solo questing or story questing as a level 1 character.

The problem is in the mob and bosses, often they don't scale to your level correctly. All they do is they scale the mobs hit points but fail in other areas like DPS and Resistence. At least in ESO I noticed that the mobs scale in hit points but with the top level character I have, you can give 1 million hit points and I can still eventually ware the boss down due to my extreme DPS and Resistance. 

Like I said, maybe other games present better solo questing challenges even for top level characters. But I hope Ashes address this issue as well. 


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    First of all it would seem that scaling is not gonna be a major thing, theres just gonna be minor areas with different levels all around. 
    Currently theres gonna be 3 quest categories, local, node and global (i cant remember the exact names). Local quest is stuff like getting meat for the chef or killing a bandit camp. Node quests is stuff like maintaining, killing major threats etc. and global are the normal "main questline" (however thats gonna work). 

    I think it will be hard to say how the system is gonna workout, given all the new things in the game. Hopefully the node system itself will be a blow of fresh air in the questing game :)
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    Quests will be tasks, Narrative "Epic" quests and Events.   You'll also see the seasonal quests.
    In regards to the mob tagging, they  stated that instead of having level zones on the map, the mobs will level around the nodes level. .So a Metropolis will have the Highest mob level nearby as well as the level one mob.  
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    It remains to be seen if the quest difficulties are also catered to solo players, if a Metropolis has the highest mob level, what would that meen for the solo top level character player? Some people will have high end elite top level gear, will the Metropolis quests be easy solo-able or present a true challenge? And I'm not talking about group content quests. I personally would love to see solo quests offer a true challenge and not some trash mobs that only level up in hit points and just there for immersion, actually if mobs are too easy to kill it breaks immersion.
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