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The Sleeping dragon

Greetings traveller and welcome to the sleeping dragon. please place your coat and real life on the hanger over there and join us  in glorious RP. 


  • I'm not much of an RPer but very nice : 3
  • ZzZzZzZzZ maybe it's time to close the pub
  • /lurk

    A lizard-like Tulnar donned in a sackcloth hood and cloak draped over studded leather armor steps in from the rain outside. Casting a few dubious glances to the right and left, he makes his way towards the bar.

    Making eye contact with the bartend, he removes his cowl and hisses: "Whissskey."
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    edited June 2017
    Dave get that lizard guy a drink while I raise the band

  • Thanks Dave for the drink. It was good
  • So scaly what brings you here?
  • "The name's Hinbane. And I'm looking for buyersss.

    I alwaysss charge a fair price for my craftsmanship."

    The Tulnar reaches into his cloak and retrieves an ornate set of bracers from a satchel slung around his shoulder. The craftsmanship seems impressive, save for smudges that may have been impressed upon the armor during whatever travels the blacksmith may have been on.

    "Know of anyone who may be interesssted?"
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