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Greetings adventures and future firends

Greetings! Although I'm not new to the forums, I haven't posted much, however, I'm excited about the new updated forums and can't wait to see what this community becomes!

It seems we're creating more posts than most people can keep up with, which gives me hope that this game will be everything we're hoping it will be!

I look forward to the day we can call one another friends.. Or possibly foes!


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    What a tasty meme. Welcome aboard. I hope to see you around on the forums a bit more. 
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    Welcome @DraugShade! ^^ That meme though :o I've got the same issues.

    See you around the forums :)
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    I feel your profile pic. Ugh
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    Glad you decided to jump out of the shadows and join us. Welcome to the party.
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    *Attempts to tie a rope around @DraugShade 's leg to tie them to the forums*

    If you ever need a summary of the days forum posts I'd be happy to try to help.

    *Clears throat*

    Today's activity forecast, moderate activity, mainly sunny optimism with only a small 
    sighting of shade being thrown.
    No gloom on the horizon, however we are all still vigilant in case a storm is sighted.  
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    Glad to have you her,
    Welcome to the community
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    Well then a belated welcome to you!
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    Welcome. Be sure, at least, to make your voice be heard on important matters! 
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    Pleasure to "meet" you!  :)
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    Thank you for the warm welcomes, and yes, the profile picture relays my unfortunate predicament. 

    @Rhoqaro - I do intend too, I've posted some in Discord and hang out there when time permits!
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