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The Road to Moonborn

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I found myself alone in my room at The Jolly Stew Inn, at the town of Grey's Rock, a small mining town on the edge of the western mountain range. My armor I set over to the local blacksmith, along with my sword and shield. He gave me a loaner for just in case, a good fighter should never be without a good weapon at his side. My horse is bedded down for the night, he was well fed some grains and hay, and groomed by the caretakers young daughter.

I try to rested my head on the firm bed, with it's soft pillow, while staring up at the ceiling. I took a count of all that made it here in my head, the lucky ones at least, and it came out to be about just under six hundred. A mix band of city guard, bowmen, and a few rangers. The mages that started the trip with us, left as soon as they could. I never liked them blasted mages, always they leave you when your needing them. But then there was Marisa, she suck with Red and I all the way to this town, but told us she had business to attend too, and would return as soon as she could. Red ran off with a few of the other fighters, after he was told his armor wasn't worth the time to fix, and they were in search of a few gambling games to make some quick coin. Good old Red, I hope he stays out of trouble.

I find myself drifting off to sleep, and I lose track of time. then comes a knock on my door. I awake to the sounds of drunken voices outside my window, and I slowly sit on the side of my bed, then give my eyes a quick rub. It's still dark out, and now I can see a few groups of men staggering and singing passing by my window. There is another knock on my door, this time it turns into a pounding. I go over to see who it is, and when I open the door Red was about to hit it for a third time. He swings at the now open door, and stagers into the room with a mug of ale in his right hand. His eyes are glassed over, and he slurs his words.

" old bastard.......come on have a drink with me!"

He stagers a bit more while walking, as he drinks down his ale in one breath, then looks at me with his eyes now going crossed, and begins the stumble around. I try to grab hold of him, but he pushes me away, while muttering more words I don't understand. The next thing I see is Red falling backwards onto my bed. Poor Red you had a very long day, I help him out of what is left of his armor, and I cover him up with a nice extra blanket. Ok I lost my bed for the night, but he is my best friend, and it looks like he could use the sleep more than me.

I quietly leave the room, and close the door behind me. Then I make my way down stairs to a busy sight of more drunken men and more singing of songs. The innkeeper looks up from the bar over at me, a lean half elf female named Elyenvis, and gives me a big smile while walking over toward me now. She has straight blue-geenish hair and narrow green eyes, and is wearing modest garments with an apron. She is also friendly and energetic.

" Can't sleep Master Granthor? You looking for a nice meal or something to drink?"

I nod in agreement and she shows me to a out of the way table, then places a plate of crusted bread and aged cheese slices for me to eat. I sample a piece of the cheese, it's grainy in texture, and is a pleasantly sharp as it crumbs in my mouth. Must be a type of Cheddar, I find myself taking more of it, this time with a piece of the crusted bread. It does the job for now, as I look over to the innkeeper, as she gives me a big smile.

" If you be wanting anything else, I will bring you over some nice beef stew, with a good mug of my finest ale. Will that be ok with you Master Granthor?"

I agree to the meal, and she quickly rushes off to get it for me. Then the mood in the tavern quites a bit, as someone starts to play a Lute. The music is nice, it fills the air, and begins to calm the sprits of everyone that hears it. Then a song crosses the air.

"Smoke is rising up to sky
A city, called Trinsic, we'll be passing by
There, by the ruins we all stands
 With the leader of undead lands
 I hope you will never see it
 Is the fortess of the army of evil
 The leader is like the devil
 From there she controlls her power
With the sword of darkness she will win
For the army of goddess it will be a sin
Who will be the lord of the lands
Who will be the one who will win
 In this dark and unholy land
Dwarfs and Dragons are fighting
Until the army of goddess is dying
When there will be noone left
Then the sun's colour will be black
It will be so dark like at night
When the good ones have lost the fight
Then she will be the queen
 The weapons you should find
Before you will face her once again
Is Starlight, Light Shield of Unholy Blight
And Slice of Life, Blessed Blade of Holy Might
You must find them all
In heaven you will dwell
Or you'll be visited pal
By the demons of hell
Smoke is rising up to sky
The city, called Trinsic we're now passing by
Now we are standing here
When you'll see her, don't have fear
At the black gate
Kill her without a lack of faith
Then this nightmare will end at last...
A bard's song is written every day
So many things the writer will say
But now my song has come to an end
'Cause this bard's tale has an open end... "

The Bard finishes his song, and all give up a cheer to him, as they toss him a few coins. The Innkeeper brings over my meal and drink, as I take a few more bites of the bread with cheese. I think over what was said in the song. A sword called Slice of Life, and a shield called Starlight? I never heard of them, but if there are weapons to be had that can help fight that witch, it's worth a look to go find them I think to myself. I begin to enjoy my meal, as the Bard starts a new song, this one is a little more up lifting, as people begin to dance around now. It's good to see people having fun, bringing the day to a better ending.

To be continued...............

(Song modified from the Bard Tail)


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    @Granthor , What kinda of Bread ? What kind of Cheese ? : 3
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    Eragale said:
    @Granthor , What kinda of Bread ? What kind of Cheese ? : 3

    Ok I fixed it a little, go have a look.
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    After the losing my bed for the night, I found myself waking up to smell of fresh brewed coffee, and from what I can tell bacon and eggs. I slowly open my eyes, and see I am covered with a warm blanket. I must have found my way to this sturdy wooden chair, with soft padding on the back and seat. It had arm rest on both sides, and I must have nodded off while warming myself by the fireplace. Above the fireplace is mounted a greenish large elf bow, it has cravings of what looks to be birds along the outer edges, and a firm hand grip in the middle. It looks well crafted, and I find myself in awe of this fine bow.

    " It's called Death's Kiss, I used it back when I use to adventure, but now I have retired to this place.", says Elyenvis while holding a cup of coffee out to me.

    " It looks to be a fine bow, but why did you give up adventuring? You do look to old to be retired."

    I take the coffee from her hand, and take a few sips. It taste good, and I feel my body waking up more. I sense a touch of cinnamon with vanilla, and I take her for the coffee. She continues to tell me her story.

    " It's a long sad story Master Granthor, I lost someone dear to me. There was a time when I seemed unstopped, and with my love it felt like we were. With my bow Death's Kiss, I took down everything I put my sights on."

    She turns away from me a continues.

    " But one day back in the wild lands, we were hunting for a prized elk. It was the King's contest at the time, and the winner would gain fame and fortune in the land. But what we found that day didn't want us there. It came out of no where, that two headed Ettin, and I..............I couldn't stop it..."

    I get up from my chair to go comfort her, dropping my blanket to the floor, but she moves away from me. She wipes the tears from her eyes, then turns to give me a smile as best she can.

    " I am fine master Granthor, please have a seat, I will go finish breakfast."

    I can tell she is still hurting bad over what happened to her that day. Then she looks into my eyes for a small moment, and moves a little closer to me. She fights back more tears, as she says one last thing to me.

    " If you have someone you love dearly, hold on tight to them, and don't ever let them go. But listen to me going on, I really need to be getting the morning meals ready."

    With that she rushes off to the back kitchen, and I drink down the last bits of my coffee. Poor girl she must be in so much pain, not many people can live from an encounter with an Ettin. Vile monsters that attack anyone on sight, some are built like rocks, and can be almost as tall as the forest trees. Give them weapons and armor, and they can be almost unstoppable. Poor girl, I wonder what type she encountered? I place my cup down on a near by table, and I go outside to take in the morning air.

    Outside the Inn people come and go on the streets minding their own business. Dwarves move to the smithy to sharpen their tools, merchants begin to open up small shops, and the townsfolk talk about whatever is going on for the day. I can see a stone on the edges of town, with open gates to the south, I remember they always keep them open. to encourage new business in town.

    I stretch a bit more, as I need to get busy too, lots to do in so little time, it's a long road to the Capital after all. 

    To be continued..................

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    I return to my room to gather my things and Red, but looks like he took off already, and he left his beat up old armor behind. I guess he went off to find something new. I put the room in order as best I can, I am one that can't just leave a mess behind. I pile all of Red's old armor into the chest piece, then head down stairs with everything in tow, and holding on to Red's armor over my left shoulder. I Inn has gotten busy with morning customers, they are mostly sitting around having a morning bite to eat, and drinking down whatever brew that's in their mugs. I move over tot eh bar to settle up my bill, then I thank the Innkeeper for her time.

    I find myself quickly heading back to the smithy. Blasted Red where did he run off too? His armor is so heavy, I find myself stopping ever few feet to rest a bit. I stop next to a shop that sells studded leather armor, when out pops Red strutting and smiling with a new set of armor.

    " Blasted red! why didn't you this pile crap with you! "

    " Oh quit crying like a baby. Now tell me how do I look?"

    He stretches his arm out to both sides, and turns slightly around to show off his new set of brown armor. It's high quality golden riveted construction, with lacing on the front and back of his vest with shoulder guards. His legs are covered with padded trousers of the same make as the vest, and he wears bracers on his arms. I also notice he had his long reddish hair put into a long braid, along with his long reddish beard.

    " You look like a blasted fool Red. Who in the hell tied your hair up like a little girl?"

    He drops his arms and gives me a crossed look, and takes his armor away from me.

    " If you must know, I met a pretty little lady last night. I came down looking for you, and found you in a deep sleep by the fire, and that's is when I met Suzy. Ahhh what a woman."

    I shake my head over the thought of it all, Red was always good with the ladies. I pat him on the back, and question him where is this lady. All I get in return from him, her boyfriend wasn't too happy with them.

    We continue to the smithy, as I laugh at Red now, and we pass a few lavish temples and notice the streets has exceptional sanitation. Not bad for a busy mining town, and this morning looks to be very busy, find it's very busy with miners of all types. They want to get an early start in the mines, and they quickly move from building to building, and around town. In and out they come and go, Big ones, small ones, tall scraggly and scruffy ones, even a few females of different races. From the looks of them all, they just came out of the mines not long ago, and only came out to get a little rest and something to eat. I don't really care, I just want my armor and weapons back.

    " Master Granthor! Please come over here."

    The shop keeper yells over the loud rumbling of mines talking and grinding away at their tools. He has white curly hair that slightly reveals a chiseled, worried face. A moustache and goatee gracefully compliments his mouth, and he sports a pair of glasses on the top of his head. He rubs the dirt from his hands on his overalls, then pulls out my heavy armor from a huge trunk near by, along with my sword, shield and a smaller knife. I hand over the sword he loaned me, and look over his handy work.

    " It's all as good as new. Yes sir, you can't tell that it's but use. "

    I toss a bag coins what I owe him, and begin to put my armor back on, as Red drops his armor on the table in front of the shop keeper.

    " Hey there! What will you give me for this lot?"

    He puts his glasses on from the top of his head, and looks it over slowly, then lifts it up to check the other side. There are bends and deep depressions all over the chest piece alone, and the shop keeper puts it down. He taps the armor a couple times, then looks at Red.

    " I will give you fifth copper pieces."

    " What! Why you cheap bastard, I paid over ten times that amount when it was new!"

    " And there be the keyword words, Was new.", He says with a laugh.

    " Listen, cause I like you, I will toss in a couple more coin, but nothing more. You will not get a better deal than that anywhere else. ", as he holds out a bag on coins to Red.

    Red grumbles a little, then agrees to the deal, as I finish putting my armor on. I hook my shield to the clasp on my back, and sheathe my sword in it's hold on my left hip, and put my knife in a small holder on my right hip. I thank the shop keeper, then we leave the smithy.

    " I can't believe it, sixty copper for my armor, it's worth at least one gold piece."

    " Come on Red, lets go get our provisions, we still have a long road ahead of us, and I want to make it to the next town before night fall.", I say with a smile on my face. "

    He agrees with me, and we head to the only place in town that supplies adventurers. The Ye Old Griffinstones. As we enter the building, we don't notice a scout riding hard from the south through town. He quickly rides past the town folk, that jump out of his way, as he yells for them to move. He disappears to the north of town, and everyone wonders what is going on.

    To be continued.................

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    We enter the average size shop, with its loud pastel color scheme, and it smells of spices. It's also a bit messy in places, as we walk to the counter in the center of the shop. I see a young couple eyeing a few items to the right of me, and a healer looking over a few spices and potions to the right. We reach the counter now, and a female shopkeeper, who is a is haggling with another merchant, looks very feminine. She is wearing a very fine  I can see the shop keeper is avoiding eye contact, which tells me they have lots to hide. Red walks of to get what we need from to shelves around the store, and I can see the higher end items are locked up behind the counter. There be ash shavings, dandelion roots, aster stems, wolf fangs, bird beak and poppy petals. Most of this I know is used in the magical arts. I also see chimera eyes, hare skin, horse tail, and a cold deep crimson liquid. On the other side on the counter there are few necklaces painted green-brown with charms showing a cougar and horns overlaid on a spiral, a fox and a skeleton, a fish scale, a lizard and a sandal, a banjo and towers within a pentacle, and a full moon and an open book in a symmetrical pattern. Then there are a few bracelets painted multicolored with charms showing a scroll and a key, a cup and a pine tree designed with repeated shapes, storm clouds and a hand making a sign involving repeating design, and a mountain range and a gallows. I don't know if it carries real magical enchantments, but I leave those things to the people that can make better use of them. 

    The shop keeper done with the other merchant, and seeing me eyeing the charms pulls on out to show it to me closer. It's the one with the cougar and horns, the morning sun shines off the golden horns, and she smile wide while moving it closer to me. It sparkles wildly in the light, looks like it comes to life for a moment. 

    " It's very pretty don't you think? It will make a great gift for that special girl in your life, and it's only 25 gold pieces."

    I shake my head a little, I feel a little dizzle, then I wave her back letting her know I don't want it. She quickly takes out one of the bracelets, and again she the item sparkles and waves in the light. It does look very nice, maybe I should buy it, maybe it's something I do need. Then Red returns and drops what he found on the counter with a big thump, and tells her we will be taking this. She looks over at him with disappointment, and says that will be ten gold pieces.

    We leave the store with what we needed, and Red smiles at me and says.

    " You know she was trying to cast a spell over you, so you would buy those junk charms right? Oldest magical trick in the book, to hypnotize your into buying it. Good thing I was around, or you would have brought out the whole store."

    " Your right, I should have kept my guard up in a place like that. "

    With that guards that came with us quickly rush tot he southern gate, lead by the Captain of Trinsic. They are founded by the local guards too, and what was once a busy town street, has gone quickly dead. I look over to the Inn not far from the shop, and I see the innkeeper Elyenvis motioning for us to come over.

    " We should get our horses and get out of here Gran, I have a bad feeling about this."

    Normally I would rush off with Red, but I just don't feel right about leaving, not without knowing what is going on, or if I can help in anyway.

    " Don't forget what we just left back in Trinsic.", he tells me with a concerned look now on his face."

    I agree with Red, but I still need to know what is going on, we might end up rushing off into more danger, so we head over to the Inn to see what's happening. Elyenvis moves us inside, and I can see she is wearing greenish leather armor now. Her hair is braded long going down her back, and on her forehead area is a crafted leather ornament piece shaped in bird wings. On her shoulders are rounded guards, very long and small in size. They're decorated with a tiger's head on each side. Her upper arms are protected by rounded, fully covering braces which sit loosely under the shoulder plates. The lower arms are covered by braces which have several layers of crafted leather attached to the outer sides, they form a wing-like pattern. Her breastplate is made from many v-shaped layers of leather with pointed edges and decorational pieces. It covers everything from the neck down and ending at the groin. The upper legs are covered by a skirt of circular layers of leather and cloth reaching down to the knee. The lower legs are protected by leather shin guards which have layers of pointed leather on the outer sides. Thin cloth pants are worn beneath this all. In her right hand she holds the Bow from over the fireplace, on her back a full quiver of arrows, and on her left hip a long sword.

    She looks at us both, as more defenders rush to the southern gate outside, and I grip my sword now in my left hand.

    " Master Grathor I hope your ready to defend yourself. There is no time to run, only time to fight. :

    " What do you mean? What is going on?", asks Red as he drops our bags on the ground.

    " The Lizardmen are coming, and it doesn't look like they are going to stop this time."

    Oh great Lizardmen, I heard of them, they mainly stick to the swamp lands, Is this part of what happened to Trinsic? Is this attack on Grey's Rock part of that madness? I guess we will find out soon enough.

    To be continued..................


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    @Granthor AND....... :grimace:

    Another fantastic story!
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    Thank You I try to keep it interesting.
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    We stand with the other defenders at the town's gate, and the Trinsic Captain of the guard stands with what is left of his men. All in all he has about five hundred and fifth, with one hundred of then being bowmen. His armor still shines bright like the first time I seen him, with his long red cape, and he still has his sword with shield ready for battle. I hear one of his men call him by name, Captain Porter, I heard of a Matthew Porter. He was one of the Kings best knights, and a good man. He must have taken the post in Trinsic some time ago, what a shame we couldn't hold that city. He looks to make sure we don't lose this town, as he lines his men up in a defense formation out in front of the town gates. They wear heavy plate armor, to help protect hem from arrows and small bladed weapons. His bow men are behind his line of fighters for support, who form a shield wall with pikes out front. They lock shields to enforce the line tightly, and they get ready for what is to come up the road from the swamp lands.

    The Guards of Grey's Rock are a little less organized, but Captain Porter whips them into sharp quickly, getting them in a formation to protect the flanks of his men on both sides. They number about three hunded guards with halberds and light leather armor. The weapon is a two-handed axe weapon on a pole, that is tipped with a pike on the end. I never liked those weapons, found them to slow in a real fight. But most town guards use them anyway, more for scaring off attackers, but in a skilled hand they are deadly. Then we have the town heavy crossbowmen, they are wearing chain mail, and number about two hundred of them. Red, Elyenvis and I, with a few other adventurers make up the rest of the towns defense force. We number about two hundred give or take in numbers, we would have been more, but most everyone scattered to the winds after Trinsic. I don't blame them at all, I still have that smell in my head, and those walking nightmares. It will haunt me for the rest of my life.

    A horn sounds to call everyone to order, then another horn sounds shortly after to signal the approach of the enemy from the southern road. Captain Porter orders the crossbowmen to get on the walls, and tells my group to stand ready to move out fast on his orders. I look to Elyenvis, as she holds her Bow tightly now.

    " Shouldn't you been on the wall or in the line with the other bowmen?"

    " Don't you worry about me Master Granthor, I will be fine. Just worry about yourself, and try to keep up.", She says with a small smile.

    I look over to Red, and he has a new two-handed double axe ready in his hands, and he is more focused on what is coming down the road. I look for myself now, and I see hundreds of them now coming, slowly marching up the road. It's a small army of Lizardmen, and they have make shift armor covering their bodies, and spear type weapons in their hands. They have long faces with sharp teeth, and long craw like fingers. They all have long tails, which have spikes going from the tip of the tail to the top of their heads. A skilled fighter finds sport in hunting down one of these in the wilds, but never have a seen them so organized like now. Who is behind this attack, what do they want from this town.

    The Lizardmen break formation and fan out on both sides, they quicken their pace, and Captain Porter raises his sword from his side, and points to the advancing enemy. Then the order goes up as the Lizardmen break into a quick run toward us now.

    Ready Arrows!...............Fire!"

    All at once the bowmen fire off and round of deadly arrows into the advancing Lizardmen, and I watch as the front lines break a little, as lifeless bodies fall to the arrow attack. He orders a second volley of arrows, then a third, and now a forth but they still come. I pull my sword out now getting ready to attack whatever comes my way, then we hear the sound of a horn from other side of town. Captain Porter turns to us and points to the west.

    " Go now quickly! We will hold this gate!"

    My group now rushes off to the west, and Elyenvis grabs hold of my arm.

    " Come on Master Granthor, it's time to do our job! We are being flanked!"  

    " Wait where is everyone going?! I thought this was the front line? ", asks Red with a puzzled look.

    We rush off with the others, and I hear the sounds of bodies and armor crashing against the shield wall behind me. Blast we should be in that fight, and we quickly move through the town, past the buildings, now the town squire, until finally we reach the second town gate on the western end. There are a few fighters already engaged in battle, but it's not lizardmen, these are mercenaries. Human low life scum, that would sell their own mothers for a few gold pieces. Elyenvis quickly puts her bow to good use, as she enters the area. I can see why she named it Death's Kiss, every target she hits is taken down with just one hit. She aims for the heads, with one shot, then the heart with another. Each arrow finds it's mark, and down go her targets. I can't let her have all the fun, and I charge forward with my shield leading the way, I plow through a group of bodies, then take down my own count of bad guys with my sword. I swing left dropping one badly armor fool, then right removing the head of another from it's body. Red slams into a group of five, taking off a few arms and legs as he pushes past them. All in all, our group pushes these attacks back out of town, and we watch the survivors run in fear of their lives. A cheer goes up from our group, then the sound of another horn goes up, it's sounds distant.

    " It's coming from the mines!", says Elyenvis as she waste little time, and rushes off with a small group of fighters.

    Red and I follow behind them, as we leave the others behind to pick off any other attackers that were foolish enough to come at us again. So we rush to the northern part of town, trying to keep up with the others, but they move at a quicker pace then us. We take the road that leads to the mines, and we find dead miners all over the place. I look up the road , and I see Elyenvis stopped next to one female miner, and she is holding her close to her chest. Tears rolling down her cheers, she starts to hold the lifeless body closer to her. I give her a moment to grieve, as Red to tries to comfort her, but she pushes him back away as she cries out. She looks at the miner once again, giving them a kiss on the forehead, then lays them down slowly on the ground. She then picks up her bow, and rushes off to the Mine once again, with us close behind.

    We reach it just in time to see an open portal of spinning colors, and a few earth elementals are going into it. They are large rock like magical creatures, that are mindless, and are used for whatever their master instructs them to do. Elyenvis waste little time, as she fires off a few arrows with her bow, but her they do not damage the creatures. I had my run in with things of this nature before, and know I have blunted a few swords trying to cut one down to size.

    I can see a few have items from the mine, as they enter the portal, so whatever they came for they got it. But before the last one can enter the portal, it is hit with a lighting bolt, and it falls backwards. It is hit again, and this time it's explores into a pile of rocks, and the portal closes up quickly. I turn to see who fired the magic attacks, and find Marisa looking right at me.

    " So did you miss me? ", she says with a playful smile.

    She walks over to the pile of rocks now, then waves her hands over the pile, A few small items quickly shoot up into the air, and hover in front of her. I can see a few diamonds, some gem stones, and some strange ore. She takes out a bag, then takes the ore from the air, and place it in the bag. The diamonds and gem stones fall to the ground, and she walks over next to me.

    " We need to go see your father right away Gran, we have no time to waste. "

    Those eyes of hers, deep blue, I could lose myself in them. She isn't wearing her mages robes anymore, but has on light travel clothes. I agree, but tell her we need to get our horses. She just smiles and tells me they have already been moved by her brother.

    She takes out a book of magical arts from a side bag on her hip, then I watch as the pages turn on there own, and she waves her right hand to open a portal in front of us.

    " Come on, I opened a gate to your father's place, follow me ok. "

    She enters the portal, and I look over at Red now, as he returned from picking up the gems from the rock pile.

    " Well waste not want not, she didn't want them so don't judge me."

    Then he quickly enters the portal, as I look to Elyenvis now, and she is talking to a few surviving miners. After a few last words, they hug each other and part ways. She comes over to me with anger in her eyes, still gripping her bow in her right hand.

    " Master Granthor, if your going after whatever did this, I want in! I want to get revenge for my friend, so don't try to stop me."

    With that she enters the portal, and disappears from sight. I look around, and I see Captain Porter riding up the path to the mine. He gets off his horse to check on the wounded, seeing me he gives a small wave of the hand. Yeah, we won the day, but at what cost, so I enter the portal and it quickly closes behind me.

    To be continued..................

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    It's just getting better and better! <3 Elyenvis <3 
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    Thank you, I will try to post a few more this weekend.
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    Exiting the Portal I find myself standing on the familiar shore of Oldport, my home town, it's a small fishing port next to a huge bay. It's a nice quite place with well-stocked merchants and a few crafting buildings here and there. They make good use of the small docks next to the town, to get their wares out to other areas and across the bay. The town is protected by a wooden wall, that is open on the sea side, and there are two roads leading out through main gates. The guards in this town are supplied by the main city across the bay of Stoneholde, the capital of the kingdom, and it has it's own huge ports. You can see many tall ships coming and going during the day, from merchants to fishing ships. The elves also send ships for trade to this city, their ships are easy to spot, with their light blue sails, and they are made to look like giant swans floating on the water. The royal navy also uses this port, they stick out with the colors of the kingdom, huge warships with white sails and gold trim, along with a large red lion head in the middle. No one would dare to ever attack the city, for it is well protected on all sides, and even is said to have powerful magic protection cast over it. Even without the magic, it's huge walls of reinforced grey stone makes it almost impossible to breach, along with the large number of heavy weapons to help defend the city. In the heart of the city of course in the King's Castle, and that too has it's own protection within the city walls.

    Now I just realized I am standing on my fathers private land within the town boarders, and it has it's own docks. He has his own stables, workshops and smithy too. Then I hear a voice from behind me, as I move to look around a little more.

    " Are you going to stand there all day staring across the bay, or are you going to come say hi to your father? "

    I turn to see him standing with Red, Marisa and Elyenvis, as he rubs the grime from his hands on an apron he always wears. He looks as I always remembered him, a hard worker, with very worn out clothes on. But now the long hair on his face is a bit more grey, and his face a bit more wrinkled. He wears glasses now, something that's new to me, and sports a brown rag coving his head. He now moves up to me, and grabs both of my arms in his hands.

    " My boy! Has it been so long? Just look at you...."

    " Yes dad I been gone for fifteen years, but you still look great."

    He gives me a big hug, and even through my armor, I can feel his power. At his age, he still has power behind his grip. I return the hug to him, and he holds me tighter.

    " Come on boy give me a real hug! "

    Good lord, same old pops, so I hug him tighter, and he let's out a good laugh. As he releases me from his grip, I get a slap on the back the shacks the very armor I am wearing, then my father takes my sword from his hilt, and looks it over closely. Before I can protest to him, he pushes it into my hand, then turns me to look at my shield.

    " Just like I though, second hand craftsmanship. You should have come to me boy, I would have given you top of the line gear. But, I will fix that for you now. "

    He rushes me inside his workshop next to his house without a second thought, and calls for aids to escort my friends into his house next door. I try to protest to him, but he has his mind made up. Next thing I know he is tossing my shield onto a pile of old metal, and my sword he takes from my hand. I look around to see he has different forges in this building, and I just notice a few others working in the area.

    " Don't mind them boy, they work for me. Unlike some others I know, They want to learn from the best."

    Oh for the love of the gods, he is still mad that I didn't want to follow the family trade, but I know he still likes me. Or he would have tossed me out on my ears. But what about my other brothers? An answer he quickly gives me, as he tosses me regular clothes to wear.

    " Take that junk off you call armor, and put those on. Your younger Brother Victor is about your size now, and your other brothers Samuel and Peter will be back soon from the city. I don't want them seeing you in that old armor, it might break their hearts knowing your not wearing Stormhand's best."

    That's right my father's family name is known throughout the land, he is a grand master of both mining and smiting, and people come far and wide to get a Stormhand' s mark on their weapon s and armor. I would use that name too, but I don't want people treating me differently, cause I am a Stormhand by birth.

     I remove all my armor, and put on the clothes my father gave me, it feels odd having my brother clothes on, but they fit just the same. This set of clothes consists of black boots, a brown pair of wool pants, a sturdy belt, a white shirt with a brown vest, and an ample cloak with a hood. Once I finish putting my boots on, my father claps his hands together once, and gives me a smile.

    " Now that you look civilized again, lets good meet your friends properly. "

    We head off through a side door that leads from his workshop into his home. Once we enter I can't believe what I am seeing. From the outside his house looks nice and traditional, with red bricks and has marble decorations. But inside it's almost like a places setup, it has a high ceiling, and a second floor with a set of stairs leading up to it. He tells me the house is equipped with a large kitchen, and it has five bedrooms. He dad was always one to show off, as he has pieces and mountings of his adventures over the years, before he settled down and became a working man. The others are standing in the dinning area of the house, and I walk over to introduce them to my father.

    First I take him over to Red, he gives him a crossed look, then he looks over to me, with a frown.

    " This is the type of person your associate yourself with? What the hell is he wearing? "

    " With all do respects Master Stormhand, this is the finest studded armor that money can buy."

    " Bah, whoever sold you that mess, you better get your money back.", says my father with a clap of his hands.

    With that a female attendant walks in with then bows down for a moment, and my father instructs her to take Red into the workshop, and size him up. Before he can say a word, the attendant takes him by the hand, and leads him away.

    After I watch Red leave, I turn to introduce Marisa to my father, but he has already taken her hand, and begins to kiss it softly. She smiles at him, and she gives me a wink.

    " How is your father these days Marisa?"

    " He is well Josh, he told me to give you this scroll next time I came by. "

    She pulls out a scroll and hands it to my father, but I don't understand how she knows him. I move in closer to confront him, but he just tells me what I didn't know about her. That Marisa is the daughter of his best friend, the old mage that was with us in Trinsic, and that he asked them to look after me when I showed up in that city.

    " Listen son, there are things going on your don't know about, and your getting yourself mixed up into events your not ready for. So I knew about the troubles in Trinsic, long before you showed up there. I just asked my friend if you did come there, to look out for you is all."

    I want to start an argument with my father over this news, as I move to get nose to nose with him, but Elyenvis steps right in between the two of us. She puts a hand on my chest to push me back, and gives my father a big smile.

    " It's an honor to meet the great Stormhand in person, I heard many tells of your adventures over the years. You have traveled to many places, and done many great feats. Your sons should be proud of you. "

    My father looks at me with a grim, as he now kisses Elyenvis hand, and leads her to the dinner table. They start talking about his adventures, and I heard it all before. He hasn't changed in all the years I knew him, still the ladies man like so many years ago.

    Marisa moves over to me now and takes my right hand.

    " I am sorry Granthor, I didn't mean to hide the truth of why we were with you, I felt it was best to let the day flow as it did, and keep you safe without you know I was watching you. Your father loves you deeply, and it's the only reason he asked my father to step in like he did. "

    I look at her a little closer now, and I begin to remember things.

    " Your little Risa? The girl I knew as a kid long time ago? "

    " I didn't think you would remember me. Your father and mine were very close back then, still are to this day, and back then my dad would bring me over to visit, seeing how I didn't have many friends. After all we were about the same age then, so................"

    " So we played and had fun, and carried on as children do. But that was long before you got your powers. So much has change from then to now."

    She pulls me in a little closer, then looks into my eyes.

    " So are you mad with me? Granny. "

    Oh hell how can I stay mad with her, now that I know the truth of it all, why would I be mad. I give her a smile, and she smiles bigger now, and she moves to give me a kiss, but Red yells out as he enters the room to break the mood.

    " What the hell are these rags, I can't be seen in this. I need my armor! Come on Granny, where is the armor you said your dad was going to make for me?"

    Good old Red knows how to enter a room, he's got to be the biggest thing around. I go over to clam him down, as Marisa takes out the ore to show my dad. He frowns at the sight of it, and asks her where did it comes from. Marisa tells him the story of what happened at the mines at Grey's Rock, and he eyes the piece of ore while holding it in his right hand.

    " What we have here my friends is anti-magic ore. It's a material used to counter any magical effects. Only grandmasters can make anything with this substance, but it's very rare of an item to find. And you say there was tons of it at Greys Rock? "

    Elyenvis speaks up to tells us they have been digging up that rock for months now, but didn't know what is was for and tossed it in the junk piles. She says no one knew what is was, or how to use it for anything useful. My dad frowns at her words, then looks the rock over a little bit more.

    " Well there is a bit of good news, this grade of the ore is poor, and there isn't much of it in this rock. Might be why you found tons of it in your mine. But it's still dangerous in skilled hands.", says my dad as he gives the ore to an attendant.

    " So now what? " I ask with concern.

    " Well lad you can't do anything until I make you better armor and weapons. So.......go to the big city and have a little fun. Take your friends with, show them the sights. And sometime later tomorrow your armor will be done."

    " Tomorrow? That soon? Doesn't it take a week to get it made properly?", asks Red with a questioned look.

    " Look sonny, you might like dealing with those second hand junk dealers, but your talking to the best here, and if I say come back tomorrow to get your armor, then I mean come back at that time. Get me? ", say my dad when pointing a finger at Red.

    I tell Red to leave it, and lets go to town. But my father whistles at us to get our attention, and he points at the wall by the door. There is a set of two swords there, and he tells us to take them for protection. Then we head out with Marisa and Elyensia to the small dock, and take one of dad's a boats to go across the bay. 

    To be continued...........................

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    We land at one of the smaller docks away from the main shipping lanes, and enter the enormous city of Stoneholde. It's built around the huge shipping ports, as this is the cities main income to support it. The city is protected by huge stone walls, with gates at key entry points leading in, and its made into a well-planned out grid system for defense. As we leave the docks, we pass a few merchant stands, it's very loud with all the people coming and going, along with the merchants yelling out to buy whatever they are selling to passerbyers. Marisa pauses at one merchant booth, they sell scented oils and lotions. She eyes a few more bottles, then buys a couple from this old lady who is tending the booth. I don't ask what she got, it's none of my business after all, and we continue into the city away from the business port markets. I am glad to leave them behind, but I am faced with even more bigger markets with in the city gates. These are next to big stone fronts, and they have smaller carts out side of each store. I give Marisa a dirty look, as she moves to stop at another vendor, but she gets the hint and with us.

    We leave the market area, then head for the downtown area, were the local taverns area located. There are many lavish buildings and naturally beautiful landscaped parks with , along a wide cobblestone street, and talented street performers entertain the small crowds. There are children playing in the parks, running and chasing each other, and they look to not have a care in the world. To be that young again, those years have gone to a faded memory.

    "Don't you remember Gran? We use to play hide and seek in this very park when we were kids. ", says Marisa with a smile.

    Then Red let's out a big laugh, and knocks me on the shoulder.

    " You played hide and seek? HAHAH..I can't picture you playing anything."

    " We were kids Red, you know, the very thing you once were in your life."

    Elyenvis puts an arm around Red's shoulders, and starts to rub his long beard. He slowly looks at her, as she gives him a wide grin.

    " Come on Red, you mean to tell us you never played as a kid? You must have done something fun in your life? "

    He slowly starts to smile, as a memory comes to mind, and he replies to her question with an answer.

    " Why now that I think on it, I did have this one game we played. We took this little pig, and we would chase it around. The point was to catch it, and tie a piece of rag on one of it's feet, then let it go and do it again. The one who tied three rags to the pigs feet won. "

    " Sounds like an awful game, poor little pig. ", said Marisa with a crossed look.

    " I bet you didn't catch the pig much did you Red? ", say Elyenvis as she pats him on the head now.

    " Well now that I think on it a little more, we didn't catch that pig at all. I got away from us. "

    We all laugh over the though of a little child like Red chasing a run away pig. then we continue on to the tavern.

    We reach the downtown area, only to find there are six different pubs and taverns. I have no clue which one to go into, and Red has the look on his face that he doesn't care. Marisa tells us to wait for a moment, as she looks over the different places. I for one see more going into the one called The Green Harpy, and still another with a few going in called The Blue Falcon. But Marisa points to the one called The White Pear, from that one we hear the sounds of good music, and the smell of good food. So we enter to find the place full of a healthy crowd of mixed races. From dwarf to elf kind, along with a lot of humans, they are here having fun, and playing different games. Red runs off to join a card game to my left, and Elyenvis moves over to the bar, where we see a cheerful bartender. Marisa tells me she will be right back, and I turn see Elyenvis tossing a couple coins to the bartender. She wants to hear some local rumors and gossip. I listen in to what he has to say, and he tells us the following.

    There is a recently bereaved mercenary who has recently fended off several assassination attempts. He has many enemies. Rumors say that he has some problems with merchants. He can usually be found at the market. 

    A spendthrift scholar who recently had a sudden change in alliance. He has more allies than enemies. Rumors say that he has some interesting relationships with artists. He can usually be found downtown. 

    An upwardly mobile artist who has a reputation for underhanded schemes. He has many allies. Rumors say that he is easily irritated by entertainers. He can usually be found at a party. 

    An extravagant trader who has been talking of changes. She has few open allies. Rumors say that she aspires to be like socialites. She can usually be found in a certain tavern. 

    A deeply religious military official who previously escaped punishment for several alleged crimes. He has more enemies than allies. Rumors say that he holds a grudge against royalty. He can usually be found wandering around. 

    A warrior who spends more time in taverns than working. She has few open enemies. Rumors say that she has some problems with royalty. She can usually be found wandering around. 

    A well-connected socialite who frequently speaks against the establishment. She has questionable allies. Rumors say that she aspires to be like priests. She can usually be found in this tavern. 

    Elyenvis thanks him for the information, and she walks off to look around. I guess she is looking to find a few of those people the barkeep talked about.

    I find myself alone for a few moments, then I watch as a ranger fellow enters the place, with a very large Half-Orc following close behind him. The ranger looks well seasoned, and fresh off the trails with a ton of dirt and dust surrounding him. The Half-Orc is grey skinned with tattoos all over his bald head and body, and he wears leather armor covering only some parts of his body, as the other parts of exposed flesh show off huge toned muscles. They move to an open table in back, and I notice no one pays any attention to them, as they put their weapons in a rack next to the table. I can see a nice long bow and sword from the ranger, and the Half-Orc puts his huge hammer and small mace next to it.

    I get a tap on the shoulder, as Marisa has returned, and tells me she got us a table in a private room in back, and that Red and Elyenis will join us later. So I go off with her, then I feel someone staring at me, I look back to see the ranger giving me a good looking over, then he holds up a mug to me and winks. Oh great should I know him, I don't remember any ranger with a Half-Orc as a partner. I move off With Marisa, now with my guard up for the rest of the afternoon.

    To Be Continued...................... 

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    We enjoy an afternoon lunch in the private room, the four of us laugh and joke around, as we finish the last bits of some aged cheese and hard crusted bread. The ale was very nice too, and just as soon as Red drinks down the last drops, he excuses himself, and rushes off to find a new game to play in the tavern. Elyenvis excuses herself too, as she rushes off to catch up with some new friends she met. She tells us she will meet back at my father home later, then she vanishes out the door to join the crowd outside. So it's just me and Marisa, she gives me a nice smile, as she moves to close the door to the room. I watch as she takes out a small metal sphere from her bag, she mutters a few words, and it floats around the room. 

    " Good now we can talk without someone ease dropping on us. "

    I give her a questioning look, as she takes out a smaller bag from her pouch, then opens it to show off red crystals. She places then on the table in front of me, first a Golden one, then a Green one, and finally a Red one. She sits next to me and explains to me these are the Power crystal of the four crowns, three of a set of six. She explains that she rushed off to find the third one, only to find out my father had it all this time, and she returned to me as soon as she could.

    " My father had the Red crystal? Why would he be holding on to that item? "

    " These are dangerous times Gran, and your father found that long time ago, without know what he had. When my father talked to him about the ones I had, that's when he showed us the Red one. Now there are only the Purple, Blue and White left to find." she says now look over the crystal carefully. "

    She continues to explain the treasure not only holds great wealth, but it's said their are items of power within the tome. She doesn't know what types that are there, only that in legend it speaks that they could make the owners into gods. 

    " I don't understand, why would you want that type of power?  What about the Sword of light call slice of life, and the Starlight shield? ", I ask while moving over to the door now.

    " Where did you hear of those weapons? "

    I tell her about the bard's song, and how he said it was needed to stop the witch the sacked Trinsic. A frown crosses her face now, as she moves to put away her crystals, and recalls her sphere. She walks over to me, as I hear someone coming to the door.

    " Oh Gran forget those weapons, you have to be pure of heart to wield them, and only one that is a Paladin could ever hold them to use it. "

    She puts her arms around my shoulders now, and moves in closer to me. Tells me to stop wasting words, so I move in closer to give her a kiss. But before I can, someone pounds hard on the door a few times. Marisa steps back from the door ready to case a spell on whoever enters, and I take hold of my sword to get ready to strike out. I take hold of the handle, and open it slowly. We see it's the ranger that was watching me earlier, he is standing in the doorway without his Half-Orc friend. He smiles at us and holds up a purple Crystal in his right hand.

    " Hello friends. Can we talk? "

    He is holding a forth crystal, the one of the color purple, that Marisa has been looking for. He enters the room unarmed, and sits at the table smiling and watching us both.

    " Come you two, we have a lot to talk about, and so little time. "

    I close the door, and we start a long discussion with this Ranger fellow. I never had a huge liking for their type, but let's see what he has to say.

    " Call me Ash by the way...........So where do you want me to start?"

    To be continued........................

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    Partners he said, we will be partners for the treasure. That didn't sit well with Marisa, but what could she do, we are still good folks, and not the types to kill someone to get what they have. So partners we agreed too, as he explained how he found the crystal, this ranger called Ash.

    " This little gem fell into my hands, about two weeks ago, I didn't know much about it, until I started to ask around. That's when I found out about that treasure of the four crowns. ", he pauses a moment to look me over. Then a big grin crosses his face.

    "  I remember seeing you on the wall back in Trinsic. I followed Marisa there, I heard she had one of the Crystal, and I was looking to strike a deal back then, but when the attack started, that ended my chance to contact her.", he stops to pull out a small brown water skin, and he takes a sip of whatever is in there.

    He looks over to Marisa hold out the purple crystal, then closes it up tight in his fist. She can only look at him, as he puts it away in a hidden pocket on his vest, and he sits back in his chair to take another sip from his brown sack.

    " How do I know you will not betray us Ranger? Plus, we don't know where the last two pieces are.", says Marisa while watching him closely. 

    Ash smiles wide again, as he puts away his brown sack. Then takes out a map from his left sleeve, and begins to roll it out on the table. It's a map of the elven territory to the north, something that's very hard to come by, seeing how the Northern Elven king doesn't trust human folk. It's known by all of the sourthen kingdom, to never enter the northern lands, on risk of pain or death. So ordered by the Elf King of the North Vulmar Trisyra, and no one has tested the law until now.

    On the map it shows a few towns, and in it's center is the city of Moonborn, the capital of the Northern lands. The ranger points out hidden trails that lead to the city, and he tells us of a hidden way into the main city. I look at the map closer, then look at this Ash with a few questions.

    " How do we know this map is any good? Plus, how do you know about a hidden passage into the city?"

    " Cause I been there, and I seen the last two crystals. I found my way into that city, into the castle, and I seen the crystals as part of a center piece of a sword and shield. ", he says with a cocky look on his face.  

    I don't like this at all, I feel there is more to this story he isn't telling us. And Marisa moves over to confront him now.

    " I seen you about in this city before, you're always traveling with four other companions, but on this day they are nowhere to be found. Plus you have that half-orc with you now, and it's known that they live in the far off eastern lands. ", Marisa gives him a very crossed look after she speaks.

    " Well let's just say we tested the elf law that day, and I am the only one that made it out alive. Thanks to my new friend Zadar, he has no love of elf kind, and was on a raiding party into their territory looking for supplies. That's when I met him, and how we saved each other. I ran into him when his raiding party entered the elf woods with thirteen, and left with only one. We been good friends from the day on, looking out for each others back, so it is what it is.", Ash finishes his story and moves to the door to leave.

    " I will meet up with you at the mountain pass tomorrow, I have more business to attend too, so we will see you then. ", and with that Ash leaves the room.

    I look over to Marisa, and she uncrosses her arms now, and moves to look out the window of the room. I move next to her, and we see Ash with the half-orc Zadar leaving the building, and they disappear into the afternoon crowds on the street. Marisa gives me a slight glace, then tells me she will meet me later at my fathers house. All I can do is watch her fade away, she must have cast a new spell I never seen before, wasn't a portal, but maybe something used when a mage needs to get somewhere fast. I will never under the mage class, but I find myself understanding Marisa as a person.

    I leave the room to see Red sitting at a table playing a card game, looks like he is doing well for himself, as he has a pile of gold in front of him. He doesn't look at me, but I tell him to meet me back at my fathers home later. He just nods as he slams down another winning hand, and I hear moans go up from the table. So I leave him to his little game, and I just hope he doesn't get into much trouble, but this is Red and he always finds his way out of trouble. I look around for Elyenvis next, but she is nowhere to be found, then Red speaks up from the table and tells me, she left with two other females, but he doesn't know where they went. Great I think, so I make my way to the Barkeep, and tell him to pass a message to Elyenvis. I ask for a piece of parchment and a quill with ink, then write out where to meet us tomorrow. After folding it up, I take off my family ring I always wear, and dip wax on the fold of the paper from a candle sitting on the bar, then I press down until the wax takes on the image from my ring. I take out a few pieces of gold, and hand it to the Barkeep, then return the ring to my left hand. I explain what she looks like, and he gives me a nod. So I turn to leave, it's the late afternoon, time to take my fathers boat back home.

    To be continued...........................

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    The next morning came a nice rain storm, the cool water from the sky felt good on my face. The smell of the air was crisp, as the waters washed away the yesterday's memories of what was here before. The docks are all quite now, the storm seen to that, as the shipping captain's wait for the storm to pass. I find myself waiting too, as my father finishes of the armor he is putting together for me and Red.

    Ah yes Red, sitting under an awning, counting his winnings from the night before, over by my fathers home. There is a nice fire in an open pit that is covered to keep the rains out, it's close enough to warm those that would sit outside my fathers place, and far enough away to keep the flames safely away. I hear him counting over two hundred coins, then he dumps them into a sack, and begins to count them again. I can tell he is bored with the waiting, so am I, but I know my father well. He will get it done right, or it won't get done at all.

    A little more time passes, as I now watch Marisa riding up to the house with her Father. He is wearing the traditional mages robes, and she is dressed in more relatively simple casual road wear, with a hooded cloak that covers her head from the day's rain. I can tell from the look on her father's age face, he doesn't agree with her choice in attire, and it's widely known mages wear the robes of office. But this is Marisa, she does things differently, at least for the time I've known her, even as a child, she was always different from everyone else.

    " Good Morning to you Master Granthor Stormhand. Where might I be finding your father?", asks the old mage while rubbing his long beard.

    I watch as the old mage gets off his horse now, and a stable boy rushes out to take hold of it, and lead it away. Marisa stays on her horse, but says nothing to us as she looks over at the bay.

    " He is in the smithy, Master Gardner, I believe he is waiting on you."

    He thanks me and rushes out of sight into the building, but Marisa still hasn't said two words to us since she arrived. So I walk over to see what's wrong.

    Before I can get to her side, she turns to toss me a parchment, then looks at me with great concern.

    " Read it!"

    The rain still falls steady, and I work the parchment open. It's a note from the Piper with a warning.

    (He is watching us, and he will get his revenge.)

    I look over to Marisa now, as she is worried about the warning.

    " Ah he is just trying to get you shaken Marisa, he can't do anything to us here. Plus we have others coming on this quest, he wouldn't dare move against us.", I say to her as I rip up the note.

    " How can you be so calm Gran? He bested you in a fight, and if I wasn't there, he would have ended you. ", she says while looking down at me from her horse.

    I try to calm her, but then my father calls to us from the smithy, and wants us to come quickly to him. Red rushes off ahead of me, finally I think the armor is ready, and I quickly follow him. I hear Marisa get off her horse and the sound of her foot steps moving up behind me in the water and mud. We all enter to see two sets of shinny golden armor, with a golden shield and long sword next to them. I look it over slow and I like what I see.

    There armor sets have a squared helm with a rounded, t-shaped opening leaving the eyes and mouth exposed, a rounded nose guard protects the nose. Attached to the forehead area is a tall, wing-like ornament piece. The shoulders are oval, short and moderate in size. They're decorated with a lion's head on one side. The upper arms are protected by squared, layered metal rerebraces which sit loosely under the shoulder plates. The lower arms are covered by vambraces which have metal flower ornament pieces covering the outer sides. The breastplate is made from several layers of metal sheets, which perfectly sit just under the shoulder plates. It covers almost everything from the neck down and ending at the groin, but the sides are only covered near the bottom. The upper legs are covered by a chainmail skirt reaching just below the groin. The lower legs are protected by greaves which have several metal rings attached to the outer sides.

    Then I look over the shields and swords. A powerful pointed heater shield made from adamantite, looks to offer a very resistant defense, especially against smaller ballistics and lunging attacks.

    The swords, a long, thick, straight blade made of steel is held by a grip wrapped in high quality, sapphire blue leather. With a double, sharp edge this weapon will protect you from incoming blows while also giving you the ability to shred your enemies to pieces.

    But I look over to Red, and he looks a little disappointed, then my father moves over to him with a smile and drops an old large chest at this feet. Red opens it up quickly to reveal a few curved throwing axes, that are elaborate with a dragons tail on each side. My father tells him these are enchanted weapons, and will return to their owner, so he can't ever lose them in a fight. That brings a smile to Red's face, as my father tells us to put on the armor. Marisa turns to leave with her father, as we shed the clothes given to us, and we put on each piece of the new armor.

    After a short time, we have on every piece that was made to tailor for us, and it fells very light, but it should weight a ton. After all it's heavy plate armor, but my father tells us he used a lot of Mithril in the metal workings, so it should feel light as a feather with the best protection we will every get. Then he points out were we can hook our shields on out backs, and were to place out helms when we don't wear them on our heads. There is a small hook like hinge on our right sides, just right for holding the helms.

    He hands us our swords to put away, and Red takes up his new throwing axes, four in all, then my father tells some aids to put a hooded cloak on us. He walks us outside back into the pouring rain to our waiting horses, Marisa is already on hers, and we get ready to leave. 

    Marisa father stands with mine, and he yells to us over the thundering rain.

    " I hope you like your enchantments! It will help you on your journey!  "

    We wave fairway to them, as we head to the mountain pass. It's not to far from my fathers home, and we quickly find our way there past the farm lands along the way. It's a narrow passage, that has a gated post blocking the road, and a mini tower on the side. It is guarded by twenty of the king's best men, and The gates are open to the passage,

    It is known there are rich veils of different metals along the whole, as it's used by the local miners. The King's guards only go so far into the passage, but if anyone goes beyond the safe zone, they are on their own. At the far end is the wild lands, and from there the road leads to Moonborn. It's a long worn out road, but we need to take it, for it's the quickest path to the northern elven lands.

    The rain begins to fall a little harder now, as the sounds of horses comes up behind us. There are two groups of three riders, as the first shows Ash, with his half-orc friend Zadar and a third person in leather armor. Hell he looks like a thief type, I can spot them a mile away. Then I see Elyenvis riding up with two other females, one holds a shield with a cross and a mace to her side, looks to be a priest but very young, and the other wears padded armor, with fur trim on the edges and shoulders. She looks to be a warrior, and I can tell she has seen many a battle over her time. The scar on her left cheek is a sign of the warriors way, along with he two swords on each of her sides. Blasted these must be the ones the barkeep rumored about. 

    They all ride up to us, we all give a friendly morning, The Priest says her name is Lady Garwen Morgans, the warrior female says she is Amber Khan, and the thief says just call him Max. With the proper introduction out of the way, we ride off into the passage, and onto the wildlands toward the elven lands of King Vulmar Trisyra.

    To be continued................

    ( I hope this part is ok, I rushed it a bit. I will fix it later if it needs it. ;o) )

    ( Ok I fixed this part a little, so I hope it reads a bit better.)

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    We are riding a long way up the country road, as the rain finally stopped, and the warm afternoon sun beams though the tree tops. I look back at this mix bunch on this quest, and wonder if I am doing the right thing. Blast it all, I don't know over half, and my gut says not to trust them. But it is what it is, I am in the company with a young want-a-be Priestess who hates the rules, a warrior female who has more enemies than friends, and a thief who keeps eyeing me like he wants to slit my neck. Then there is that ranger Ash, with his half-orc friend Zarad, who been trailing us to get at those crystals of Marisa, yeah I am traveling with a nice bunch of misfits.

    Elyenvis rode off to scout the road ahead, and Red, Marisa and I ride with the others keeping alert for anything that might come looking for trouble. We keep a good spacing so if we need to act, we will not get in the way of the next person. From time to time I hear wild things in the tree line off to each sides of the road, most is just animals going after each other, or looking to chew on the different bushes dotting the edges of the forest road. But them you hear in the deep distant noises that don't belong to any animal, and it keeps us on edge even more. Their not coming our way, whatever it is, and that suits me just fine.

    I look up to see Elyenvis waving us toward her, and we rush up to see what she found. I get to her ahead of the others, and see points down the road to an abandoned post on the road side. It's an old post that was once used by the King's guard, but was found to be to costly to maintain this deep into the wilds. She tells me she already checked it out, and there is nothing living there at the moment. She figures it would be a good place to take a break, and I agree with her, so we all follow her back to the post.

    It's an old gray stoned building, with a small tower attached to the one side, mainly used to keep a lookout for anything coming up or down the road. The building looks to be in good shape from the front, while other parts has collapsed walls and piles of rubble. Might be a good place to rest, but it's far from a safe place to stay.

    So after the others make their way to the place, we tie the horses off on the side, and setup a small camp fire just off to the side of the building, and eat an afternoon snack while we rest.

    The thief named Max takes out whatever he calls food, and he sits with Ash and Zarad, and they begin to talk in low tones, with a burst of laughter at times. I hear an growling echo in the far distance of the forest to the north of us, but it's too far to be a concern to us. I look over to Elyenvis, but she has a distant look on her face, she looks out to the north as if she is looking for something. Marisa comes over to hand me a bit of sausage she had pack away, along with a piece of strong age cheese. She sits next to me now, as the other two females, Amber and Garwen, now join us too followed by Red.

    Garwen in her slivery chain armor, with a tabard trimmed in gold of the temple from the main city, it displays twin red lions facing each other in the middle, and is divided by the colors blue and white. She takes a knee to say a prayer to herself, then sit once finished to eat a bit of crushed beard. Laughter gets louder from other side of the camp fire, and Red stands to confront them now.

    " Hey you lot! What's so funny? We would like to hear the joke too. "

    The thief stands up with a grin, as he cuts a piece of cheese to eat with a small knife. He is about a two feet taller than Red, but not taller than me, then he points at Red as he takes a bite.

    " Your what's funny little man. We can't decide if your a Tall dwarf or just a very short man. "

    They laugh loader now, as I stand to claim Red, but he pushes me away as he gets into the face of Max now. I have known Red a long time, and even though he isn't a Dwarf, he still doesn't like people making fun of his size. So Red goes over to put the thief in his place, who stands a few inches taller than him. 

    " Listen here you second rate burglar, I am no Dwarf, and my size is just fine. Show me all the markings of kills on your belt over your life time, and maybe you can measure up to my size in standards. Or are you just a backstabbing bastard, who only knows how to run from a fight? ", says Red as he pushes his finger into Max's chest.

    Ash stands up as Zarad chuckles at both Red and Max now, and Ash puts a hand on both men's chest to back them off. 

    " Come on your two, it's just all in good fun. Red we meant no harm my friend. Come have a drink with us, I have some nice ale in my pack.", says Ash with a big smile.

    I was about to go over with them, then I hear that sound again, this time moving closer. I look over to where Elyenvis sitting, but now I see her up in the lookout tower. She doesn't look at me or the group, just at something now heard moving in the tree line. A small thumped can be heard by all, as everyone goes quite, then it gets a little louder. A second echoing growling is coming up from the south of us, and still a third from our east. The thumping gets a lot louder now, as Marisa joins Elyenvis up in the top of the tower. I put on my helm, and ready my shield. As I drawn my sword, the others stand with me now with weapons drawn.

    " What the devil is that coming from the forest Granthor? ", asks Red with his shield and sword at the ready.

    " There is only one thing out here that makes that type of noise Red. That be an Ettin. "

    No sooner that I utter those words, we see three huge giant Ettins coming at us on different sides. They are very ugly, with two heads, and they wear old rags for clothes. Each one holds a huge piece of tree for a club, and they eye us with droll coming from their mouths. One I can see wears a necklaces of heads around its neck, and Elyenvis screams out from the tower.


    We get into a defenses circle, as these monsters now move on us, I hope everyone is ready for this fight, cause this is our first true test as a group. If we fail now, we might as well run back home. Oh god here they come, I brace for what is to come next. looking up I see one swinging down hard right at me, so I raise my shield to block this attack. All I can think of before it hits, this will hurt very badly.

    To Be continued.....................

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    With a loud boom, the huge club strikes my shield, then splinters into a thousand pieces. I wasn't expecting that to happen, but thinking back for a quick moment, as I watch the stunned ettin take a few steps away from me. Of course, this armor, my sword and shield, all have enchantments added. I should have know once I put on the armor, it was as light as a feather, that must be what Marisa's father was talking about. It's not the armor that's light, but the added enchantment of strength. I wonder what else I can do, as I take aim for the lower parts of this enemy. I rush forward with a shield block in a blur, knocking the ettin back a few steps more, he is stunned, and I take a huge swing into his right leg with my sword. I cut him deep on his calf, and a loud grown of pain screams into the air from both heads.

    The beast looks down at me, eyes glaring down at the thing that caused him such pain, and he talks a wild swing at me. The blow just misses me, as I charge in with a swing of my own, taking aim at the left arm that just missed my head. My sword flashes with the sun light, as I just miss him with a swoosh through the air, blast it all, the beast has grabbed hold of a fallen tree close by now, rips it from the ground, and in one motion takes a huge reverse swing at me. I take the full hit with my shield, as I brace the ground hard with me feet firmly in place. With a huge booming sound, I am knocked backwards with my feet digging up tons of rock and dirt, and I am sent back into a tree across the road from the ettin.

    I am stunned for a short time, as I watch the others take on the other two ettins. Elyenvis is firing arrows from the tower, they find there targets in the heads of the closest beast, Marisa is shooting off fire bolts from her hands now, and I watch as the other ettin drops to his knees from the attack. Once on the ground, Zarad rushes it, and with a huge swing of his pole mace, he takes the beast's teeth from one of it's heads, then he jumps up to strike down hard on the second one. This ettin falls with a thump to the ground, then Ash, Max and Red rush in to finish it off with their swords. I turn to look at the one that sent me across the road, it starts to move my way, then boom it's hit with a lighting bolt from the sky. It slumps over to one knee, as it looks back at what hit him, and I see Garwen with her shield in hand, raise her mace to the heavens once more, and a second bolt of light strikes down hard through it's chest killing the beast.

    I give a small nod to her, as I rush over to help take down the last one. I reach it in time to see him surrounded by everyone now. Ash fires arrows into his legs and arms, Red rushes it with Amber, blocking any attacks from above, as she uses dual swords to cut both legs of the beast. Zarad rushes up from behind the group, and throws an axe into the right head. The beast goes limp on it's right side, as one head stops moving, and it falls to the ground hard.

    We watch as it tries to crawl off with it's left hand, grabbing at the soft soil to help pull him away, as it's left head turns to watch us. I watch with the others now, as Elyenvis walks up to the beast, and she draws her sword out of it's holder. It glimmers in the light, with each step she takes to the monster, then it turns over on it's back to watch her with a raised blooded hand.


    " The monster speak!? ", says Red with surprise.

    We are all shocked, we never heard of an ettin speaking, and move in closer to view this sad wonder. It stares at Elyenvis now, as she stands on it's large chest, while eyeing the necklace of heads it wears, then she glares down at the beast once more.

    " Mercy? You beg for mercy monster? Did you show mercy to my beloved Vesper, when you cut him down!? When he crawled on his hands and knees to escape you!? When he was defenseless and couldn't fight back!? Did you show him mercy then?! No monster, I will not show you mercy this day! This day you will die at my hands. ", she exclaims now with her sword rasied to strike the finally blow.

    " For.....for....giveee Meeeee,,,,,,,,,"

    A tear runs down her left cheek now, at the last words of the beast, as she strikes down with her blade. But she doesn't kill the monster, instead she only cuts the necklace of heads from it's neck, then takes the head of her beloved Vesper from the chain of heads, and walks away from the group. I turn to look at this poor creature now, and walk over to finish him off. I place the tip of my sword over it's heart, and sink it in deep stopping it on it's last few beats.

    " That was a good fight my friend. ", says Ash  while cleaning his blade before putting it away.

    I can only look at him for a moment, then I pull my weapon from the heart of the beast. I wipe it off on the rags of the dead body, and walk over to have a seat by the fire. Ash just watches me, as he takes out a flask from his bag.

    " Come on Granthor, at least have a drink with me, we need to celebrate this fine win. "

    " Maybe later, right now let those of us mourn that need to. There will be time to drink later. ", I raise a flask to Ash anyway with a small laugh.

    Then I look over to Elyenvis as she stands with Garwen now, as they make a fire pit to burn the head. What a shame, but at least she can close the chapter on this part of her life.

    I turn to watch Marisa set the ettin bodies on fire, it's a magical fire, burns hot but gives off no smell or heat. I watch as the bodies turn to dust slowly, bringing an end to a crazy afternoon.

    To Be continued.....................

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    Thank you so much.

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    At the end of the long ride north, with the occasional encounters with wild beasts, we reach the boarder of the Northern Elven Kingdom. It's the beginnings of the Dogwood Forest, a enormous, bright, and archaic place, with a canopy was eclipsed by pine, linden, and poplar, their crowns allowed for short beams of light to descend for a flood of herbs to rule the moist and fertile bottom layer below. Swooping tree limbs suspended from every other tree, and a range of flowers, which were unique to this region, looked almost out of place in the otherwise uniform forest grounds. The main road leading in has one warning in elfish tongue, all who enter here will be killed, if your not of elfish birth. I look around in all directions wondering how they would enforce this law, for there isn't a guard to be seen anywhere is sight. There is a guard post by the tree line, but still not a guard to be found. A tumult of wild noises, most belonged to fleeing animals, resonated through the air, and were backed by the rustling of the leaves and branches of the tree tops in the wind.

    I look to the others, but they seem confused as well. Then I watch as Red charges forward on his horse, and he crosses into the forbidden lands. He stops just past the guards post, and turns to look back at us. More animals can be seen rush past him now, and we all move forward, as the last deer jumps past us heading south.

    " What's got these critters so spooked? ", asks Red while looking around.

    " I don't know Red, but I don't like it. In all my years out in the wilds, I never seen them at this way. But let's get off the main road, we don't want to draw attention to ourselves.", says Ash as he looks down the road.

    He leads us off to a side trail away from the main road, as more animals rush past us. I am getting very concern now, wild life rushes away from dangerous, and for this many to be running away, we must be getting into something bad.

    We ride deeper into the forest now, as we hear in the distances a horn sound. It's too far away to be signaling anyone about us, then we hear a second long deep drawn tone. Ash rushes off ahead of us, and I quickly follow him with the others close behind. We reach a small him over looking a valley, and next tot he valley is the city of Moonborn. It's a huge Elven City of well crafted walls of polished marble, and fine buildings of jade. Before I can get a better look at the city, Ash tells us to get down into cover quickly, and I see why as I lay on the ground to look down into the valley.

    The ground trembles as an army of 100,000 strides onwards. A thunder of thousands of unsynchronized steps, with chain and plate armor drowning out all other sounds from the vicinity. The creaking of wood of catapults can be heard only faintly and the growls and grunts of the war animals are all but drowned out completely. The front is lead by eager orc footsoldiers armed with swords, shields and pikes. They're followed by orc cavalry armed with spears, shields and swords, who in turn are followed by elite spearmen on rhinos.
    The ranks are filled with many other regiments, including mercenaries and allied soldiers of ratmen, lizardmen and undead, including several earth elemental units, and different types of archery units of mixed races.

    In the rear of the army sits that witch from Trinsic, the necromancer, along with the Piper and some unknown knight in shadow armor. The orc general rides back to get last minute orders, then returns to where his men are setting up. The army doesn't advance on the city yet, they are just fanning out around the walls, and look to be siting and wait for something.

    I can see some of the elven army is up on the walls and towers guarding the city, and it looks to be their bowmen getting ready to repeal the invading forces. I never got to see the northern elf army up close, I been told they are elite solders, and each one is like fighting ten regular troopers. I would love to see them in action, and I wait, but get a tap on my right shoulder. It's Marisa waving me back, and I see the others are already following Ash. I quickly follow with my horse in tow, and we hear the sound of a deep horn sounding. It's not coming from the army in the valley, but from the city on Moonborn now. I look back for a moment, to get a better look at the city walls, and I see a few solders pointing up at the sky.

    The air grows warm, and the wind begins to pick up a bit, as a smell of brimstone crosses my nose. Oh no can it be, and yet the answer comes quickly from a few shouts from the walls.

    " DRAGON!"

    I quicken my pace to catch up with the others, as a huge black dragon flies down from the sky. Narrow ivory eyes sit thightly within the creature's soft, long skull, which gives the creature a fierce looking appearance. Several enormous horns sit atop its head, just above its large, angular ears. Large fan-like skin and bone structures runs down the sides of each of its jaw lines.
    Its nose is pointy and has two thick, curved nostrils and there are small crystal growths on its chin. Rows of sharp teeth poke out from the side of its mouth and give a preview of the terror hiding inside. A strong neck runs down from its head and into a short body. The top is covered in massive scales and a row of small crystal growths runs down its spine. Its bottom is covered in reptilian skin and is colored slightly lighter than the rest of its body. Four slim limbs hang from it's body. Each limb has five digits, each of which end in pointy nails. Enormous wings grow starting from just above its shoulders and end at its hips. The wings are curved, the edges of the skin inside the wings are tattered and damaged and long tendril-like growths grow from many parts of the bottom sides of each wing. Its elegant tail ends in a hammer-like growth and is covered in the same massive scales as its body.

    I watch as the might beast sends a long blast of flame tot he walls of the great city, but it's repealed by the elf mages powerful magic. Then the sound of horns goes up from the army outside the walls, and they begin to fire off boulders from the siege weapons dotting the valley floor. The last thing I see are arrows flying from both armies, along with powerful magic attacks.

    " Come on Granthor, the hidden passage is just over here! ", says Ash with concern.

    I don't blame him, we need to get moving, and not be side tracked by anything. I would like to help out with this battle, but that isn't why we are here, and this battle is what we need to get into the city. While their busy fighting, we can clam the last two crystals. I just hope they can hold the line, and not get over run.

    to be continued...................

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    Marisa tells us to send our horses away, right before we enter the hidden passage into Moonborn. They know to return to the Southern Kingdom, and mine well he knows to return to my father. I give mine a few pats on the back, as I take my bags from him, than I send him on his way with the others. I turn to look at the group of adventurers, and wonder did I do the right thing by coming here.

    " How in the blazes are we getting out of here now? ", asks Red with concern.

    Marisa just tells him not to worry, she has us covered for getting out, and we follow Ash into the passage under the city. It turns on it's an old sewer system not widely used anymore, one that is filled with all types of small critters. Most of which are small rats. The lighting isn't the greats, as I pause to light a torch I found on the side of a wall, and I watch as the others pass me buy. I continue on it this damp space, as we hear deep pounding sounds above out heads now, and bits of ceilings shower down on us. The fighting sounds like it has picked up a bit, and we rush a little faster in this maze of passages.

    Ash finds the spot from his memory, and he opens a hidden doorway that leads up. He waves for us to follow him, and I toss my torch to the side as I enter this new hall. Up the stairs we go, as distant rumbles of battle can still be heard, and we reach a small wooden doorway at the top of the stairway. Ash listens to for a moment, then gives it a push, when slowly turning the knob. It opens with a few creeks, revealing a few passages of elegant design.

    Tall hallways go off into three directions, they are of high craftsmanship, with flower designs mixed with stone figures at each archway point. They stand like silent guards watching, with eyes of blue sapphire, while holding up the structure of the polished white marble. I turn to look at Ash now, as he is trying to remember where to go next, then Elyenvis push past us all, and points to the left hallway.

    " I know where to go, go down that hallway, and wait in the right doorway, then bolt the door and wait for my return. ", she says with a cool head.

    " What wait how do you know where to go, and how do you know what's down these halls? ", asks Ash with a hand on his sword now.

    " Your going to have to trust me on this one. Now go quickly all of you, the battle might be outside, but the guards will still be walking these halls. ", she says with a wink.

    And we watch as she rushes off down the center hallway. I can't help to think she must have live here before, but who was she and why didn't she tell us before now?

    Marisa waste little time and heads down the right passage, and we all follow her lead. I hope Elyenvis knows what she is doing, or we are dead meat.

    To be continued.........................

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    (Elyvenis's tale)

    I left the others knowing if they are found out, it would mean certain death for them all. That part of the castle I sent them, was mainly for servants only from what I remember, so they should be ok even if they are seen by them. I can see the halls are light with workers, all have nervous eyes about them, and not one guard has been seen on my travels through the passages. Well the battle outside must has gotten worst, if the guards were pulled from in here. Better for me, no one to stop and ask me questions.

    I reach the main hall, there are guard here, but they don't pay me much attention, as I walk past them. The hall has lustrous braziers hanging from each of the eight ivory columns light up every part of the throne hall and blanket everything in a warm glow. The tapestries depicting the kingdom hanging from the layered ceiling dance in the flickering light while sculptures and statuettes look down upon the polished marbled floor of this great hall.

    A elfish rug runs in a circle around the room, with two paths at the throne and the main entrance while northern elf banners with emblazoned fringes swing gently from the walls. Between each banner hangs a lantern, none but a few have been lit and in turn illuminate the mosaics of late heroes below them.
    Tall, stained glass windows of heavenly mosaics are neighbored by drapes colored the same as the banners. The curtains have been adorned with impressive needlework and jewels.

    A magnificent throne of carved Jade sits beneath an almost entirely close canopy and is adjoined by two plain, but comfortable seats for those closest to the royal highness. The throne is covered in byzantine patterns and fixed on each of the broad feet is a ruby divine symbol. The dense pillows are a dark red and these too have been adorned with emblazoned margins. Above it sits a decorative sword with a blue crystal and a shield with a white crystal.

    Those awaiting to be heard by their royal highness can do so on the countless lavish, but relatively simple wooden benches, all of which are lined up perfectly symmetrical. Those of higher standing can instead take seat in the humble looking balustrades overlooking the throne.

    The aged king sits on his throne, and taps his staff of the ground three times. White, short hair is pulled back to reveal a craggy, aged face. Bright gray eyes, set tightly within their sockets, watch attentively over me as I move closer to the throne. A moustache and goatee gorgeously compliments his eyes and mouth and leaves an intriguing memory of his upbringing.

    " Servants! Attend me! "

    He taps the floor again three more times, as his servants rush in with food and wine. They pay little attention to me, as one servant setup a small table and chair in front of the throne area, and they help him to his seat so the king can have his meal of fruit and aged cheese with elfish bread.  

    " Why are you standing there gawking at me daughter, come over here and have a meal with your old man.", says the King as he waves an empty mug at a servant.

    I slowly move to the table, as a servant bring a chair to me, and I sit across from the man I once called father.

    " So daughter after all these years, you finally returned to me? At the end of all things, you come to say a finally goodbye to your father? ", says the king while watching her as he begins to eat his meal.

    " No father. I only came back to claim my birthright, and take what is needed to win this war. "

    He chuckles with food in his mouth, and almost chokes on what is left in his mouth. Then he drinks a little wine, and slams down the mug on the table.

    " Your birth right? If you would have stayed here as I told you, your birthright would still be yours. But you choose to leave these lands, and you followed that fool Vesper into the wild lands. I don't see him with you, so that tells me it didn't work as you figured it would. Now you come crawling back to me now, so why should I return to you what I have taken away? "

    He toss same grapes to the floor, that is quickly cleaned up by a couple servants. Then he looks at me a little closer.

    " You know I loved your mother very dearly. There was nothing I wouldn't have done for her. Then one day they took her from us, from me, and I swore on that day. Every human would pay for her death, one cause by the very people she called friends."

    " But I am part of those people you call enemy now father, do you hate me as well? After all I am half human thanks to mother."

    He pauses a moment, then reaches out to take my left hand into his own.

    " No my daughter, you have your mothers looks about you, and I would never hate you for it. I am just glade you have returned to me at this moment in time."

    With that he reaches over to take his staff up once again, and he taps it on the floor.

    " Servents! Bring me my elixir, and my daughter's jeweled case!"

    He stands with a little help from one aid, and motions for me to walk with him. As he uses his staff to help him walk. He leads me to a side area to the right of the great hall, and a hidden doorway opens to show a smaller room. In it lays the body of my mother, sitting on a bed of flowered peddles, still looks as beautiful as the last time I seen her. She wears a crown of flowers around her head, with her long black hair, and her face is without decay of time, as she wears a jeweled dress lined with golden lace. I can't believe how beautiful she still looks, like a from a dream, but her she is very real. But there isn't any life left in this ageless body, and I turn to watch my father drink of his elixir, and he is helped to lay next to his beloved wife.

    I finally understand what he is up too, but it's it far to late to stop what is to come. He motions for me to come closers, and as I draw near to him, he whispers into my left ear.

    " I never hated you my daughter, and I forgive you, as I hope you forgiven me. Now I go to join your mother in the great beyond, take my hand, so I my say goodbye to you. "

    I take his hand into mine, and with his last breath, he tells the court aid that here stands the princess Elyenvis Trisyra, as tears run down my face at his passing. I fold his hands together, and kiss his forehead. The old fool, why did he end his life so? Why give up on his people?

    I am lead away, as they close the tome doors, and seal it tightly. I return he front of the throne, and look at the sword and shield again. Not hearing the footsteps of a new person coming up behind me.

    " You know those are only copies of the originals, and the only thing real are the crystals that are incased in them. ", says a tall elf in fine closes.

    It's my brother, Zaor Trisyra, a high elf with long greenish hair, and a long handsome face. He wears his golden battle armor of high elf craftsmanship,  and he holds my old jewelry box he took for a servant. He holds it out to me, and continues to speak, as I take the box from his hands.

    " It's good that you returned when you did, father was very depressed about you not being here. Now this blasted attack on our beloved city, I have order it emptied, while our forces hold the line at the gates. Oh and by the way, your friends are safe, I know you had them hidden in the servants quarters. "

    " Your the king now brother, so what will you do with us? ", I ask with concern?

    He walks past me to the throne, then reaches up to takes the crystals from there mountings, and tosses them to me.

    " I will do nothing to you or your friends my sweet sister, as far as that law is concerned, it died with father. Now I have our people to deal with, so we will flee to the southern kingdom, and rally what is left of our people there. "

    He moves closer to me, and puts a hand on both my shoulders.

    " I wish you were coming with us, but I understand you have a different road to take. Just know I will always be her for you my sister. "

    He gives me a hung, and I return what I can with my hands full. Then he pulls back and gives me a nod, and rushes off to join the others outside. I can hear the battle has picked up a bit more, and I rush to join my friends in the servant quarters. I can hear screams outside, as the walls to the castle give in at the halls where I am running, good thing I just made it past the area of the cave-in.  

    I finally reach the room I told the others to meet me in, and they already have the door open. From the looks of them, they were about to run out ready to fight.

    " Where the basted have you been woman! We were worried you got killed.", says Red with a concerned look.

    I hold up the last two crystals, and Marisa moves to take them from my hand. While she does whatever mages do, I take the jeweled box given to me, and I open to see what is inside. I find a some old jewelry, a crown, and a note in my fathers hand writing. It only says three words in elfish tongue.

    I Love You.

    With that I put everything into a sack I carry with me, and I turn to see Marisa opening a portal in the room. The hall outside fills with the sound of enemy troops, and I slam the door shut, and bar the door as best I can. I turn to see the others entering the portal, I did not ask where it goes, just sounds like they already know where it leads. I am the last one to enter, and as I do the door is pounded on, and as I enter the portal I look back to watch it fly open. Then the portal closes and I turn to look as we are standing on a beach, by a open sea with a mountain standing in front of us.

    " Welcome friends to the forbidden island. Were we will find the lost treasure of the four crowns. ", says Marisa as she casts a spell on the crystals.

    I watch as a growing arrow rushes along the ground, pointing the way to go, then I hear the sounds of very nasty creatures from the jungle ahead of us. Sounds like Cyclops, a few giant scorpions, and a few gargoyles. Now I wonder if I should have stayed with my brother. With Zarad leading the way, we enter the jungle on the forbidden island.

    To be continued ...........The Forbidden Island of the lost.

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    This is truly an excellent tale in the telling, @Granthor. I am in awe of your abilities as a storyteller-recorder. Don't stop now...
    Consider yourself awarded this: o:) GOLD MEDAL! o:)
    I am only sorry it is comprised of words and not actual gold!
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    Thank you very much, I will be starting the next chapter in the story tonight. I hope you guys like it.
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