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What style are they leaning towards for combat? I'm currently playing BDO, WoW, and GW2 and can say the more action packed and active aspect of the of guild wars 2 and black desert are very satisfying and fun to play. Especially bdo. The combat in BDO feels very satisfying and smooth for what I have played. I hope this is the direction they choose to go in maybe a more gw2 style? What are your thoughts? I do love wow btw, but the newer MMOs seem to be headed in a better direction somewhat in regards to combat. The exception being demon hunters, that feels good to play. The more involved the better I think.


  • Combat will be a bit of action movement and tab targeting - so a bit of both ^^ 
    I believe the team are aiming for no passive roles so for the likes bard and cleric - will have a more active playstyle in comparison to other mmos.
    Sadly it is too early to tell how the combat will feel but hopefully alpha and beta testers will help to adjust it so that it feels just right :3
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    So as long as its not Hack-n-Slash Combat Style. Games with those Combat-Style tend to have little - no difficultly. I'd like my NPC Opponents to actually give me a fair-challenge & Last a fair amount of time - even the "Weakest" of the Bunch. 

    ( In short, decent A.I - in terms of awareness-levels, combat tactics, survivalist and use of environment )

    I know it sounds a bit "harsh" but I've I'm not asking to make the NPCs hard to kill, but rather ... realistic i suppose.
    ( For Example ... I don't want my NPC opponent to just stand there and not trying to attack while I kill it )

    The Closest I've seen so far to meet those requirements are NPCs Opponents from ... DarkFall and ... I think Project Gorgon ? But thats mainly because they have PvP Tactics in their A.I
    ( sorry for the Ramble/Rant >.< )
  • Expect it to be a mix of both tab target and action combat. This is the optimal choice since full action does not work fairly (BDO) and full tab target is limiting gameplay and boss/pvp mechanics (wow)
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