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Hello fellow gamers!

I've wandered in from Norrath... I'm an old veteran of EQ1 (Nameless server) and EQ2 (originally Nektulos server, now playing on Stormhold). I've been looking for a new MMO and I have to say Ashes of Creation is giving me really high hopes! The Dev team seems to be passionate about their work and the community seems very kind.

I hope I can join you all in experiencing this amazing and original game!


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    Welcome to AoC!

    Generally everyone here is really friendly and you shouldn't feel left out, people are willing to help out and answer any questions to the best of the communities knowledge. With all that being said I hope you enjoy your stay here :)
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    Welcome to the community! 

    You'll find them to be very helpful and friendly, so if you have any questions you can ask away! 
    If you want you can also join the AoC Discord:
    Other than that, enjoy!

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    Welcome aboard the Ashes Express!  You'll find many old EQ players here just waiting and dying for a good game.  If you have any questions just ask and we'll do what we can to answer.  Above all feel free to jump right in and join the party.

    Just be careful you don't trip over Mr, Bones, aka @nagash he might crumble. He's getting old ya know and tends to be on the grumpy side when his sleep is disturbed. 
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    Welcome to the community!  :D
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    Welcome welcome @J_Hayden \o. There are some awesome people around here ^^ so hope you feel welcome in the Ashes community!
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    *Punts a volleyball over the net towards @J_Hayden *

    Welcome to the forums, your positivity and enthusiasm are really welcome :D

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    Welcome to the Ashes community, @J_Hayden!

    You'll find that pretty much everyone is very welcoming here, and good conversation can be found everywhere.  Take your coat off, stay a while!
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    Welcome @J_Hayden! I like the clever name very much, well made ;) 
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    Welcome to the community! Look forward to seeing you in the world of AoC o/
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