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Some lore I wrote for my characters origins

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Set in the old war before the divine opened the portals. Hope you like it!

Zaratras was born in Valyr, the largest metropolis in the substantial kingdom of Kaelar. Valyr was the political centre of the Kaelan Empire and was a place of great influence and power, the true centre of the empire. Zaratras, born of a bond between a noble woman and her secret lover, a protector of the realm and noble knight; but the birth was kept secret from the nobility surrounding his mother. Zaratras could not be kept in the High Palace and was sent away to be raised amongst one of the merchant families. His mother and father watched over him from afar, unable to interact with their son but seeing him grow into a kind and hard working man. His adopted family travelled a lot in the old world, selling and buying exotic wares and experiencing new cultures; Zaratras was quick witted, sharp but had an eye for trouble. It was this eye, this sense of danger, that would be his saviour and his downfall.

While on a trip to the distant lands of the Vaelune, in the coastal city of Alrodir, his mother and father had sourced some rare herbal remedies which would sell for a great amount in the distant lands of the Nikua Dwarves. He was given the task of gathering supplies and provisions for the long sail home and he began to do so, prowling the markets and trade houses for the best deals like his father had taught him. Getting lost in his task, he was gone for hours, browsing the markets and interacting with the Vaelune culture was the most enjoyable part of his journeys and he relished it. 

When Zaratras arrived back at the ship with his haul he noticed something slightly off, small items not as they were when he left, he had always had a particular eye for detail. Something was wrong. He laid down his haul and snuck closer to the ship, every movement careful and with purpose. Upon getting closer, he could hear a whimpering he recognised as his mothers;
“Where is he, where is the boy?” a gruff voice with a harsh tone barked,
“We…we left him back Valyr, he minding the while we are away,” a voice he recognised as his father coiled in response,
“I know you’re lying Leonis, my spies report he was onboard your ship as you left the capital,” 
Zaratras snuck closer and peeked through the metal grate separating the decks from the holds below. He saw his parents, bound and on their knees with a man in heavy metal armour in front of them, sword to his father's throat. The sunlight glinted off the sword and it was at that moment Zaratras realised the sunlight behind him had cast a shadow on the floor next to the man but it was too late. The armoured man snapped his head around and looked Zaratras in the eye, flicking a coy smile,
“There you are..” he said confidently,
“Run Zaratras, run! ” his mother screamed at him as she threw herself into the man, knocking him off balance.
Zaratras took off, he didn’t look back, he sprinted down the dry dock and into the streets and he didn’t stop running till he could run no more. His legs felt heavy and his chest tight, the hot sun beating down on him made it difficult to run any longer. His head began to spin and his vision slowly faded to black as he fell.


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    I like it! :) The dialog is very authentic.
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    lexmax said:
    I like it! :) The dialog is very authentic.
    Thanks man! I'm not the best writer in the world but I do enjoy it. Looking forward to developing Zaratras further!
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