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False Advertising Request a refund through Kickstarter

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You cannot sell "Kickstarter Exclusive" Items the next month as "Summer Exclusive" items. It is false adverting. I paid 500 dollars for Braver of Worlds with all the "Kickstarter Exclusive" items such as lifetime subscription with the impression that because it said "Kickstarter Exclusive" it would never be available again. But they lied. It is available again and it is called "Summer Exclusive" SERIOUSLY?



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    There is an option on the bottom of the Kickstarter website if you click on your backed items and click on Ashes. At the bottom of the page it will say "Report this Developer" click it then click Resale of items. Please dont let them get away with reselling "Kickstarter Exclusive" items as "Summer Exclusive" Items.
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    Lol shove off.. You people had your time.. Now you're getting butthurt cos other people can contribute? Go away, just don't join Ashes of Creation. We don't want your kind in the game.
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    Update I just got an email back from a Kickstarter rep. They are investigating this.
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