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Paysafecard to Summer Exclusive Crowdfunding Campaign

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Can you guys add paysafecard to Summer Exclusive Crowdfunding Campaign? as a payment option?
Paypal requires credit card too... so this is no good option for me.


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    I don't know if this will help but you might be able to use a paysafecard to add funds to a paypal account.

    Here is the link:
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    Nice one! but this option is not supported in my country... - Poland
    Waiting for the Devs maybe they will want my money by paysafecard... and other people who don't have credit card...
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    Not have a debit card?
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    @Ravenear you should be able to use your debit card to charge a paypall account. If you don't have a debit card, most countries have an option to charge the paypall account directly with your bank account.
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    No. If they want more backers like me they should add more payment options. This is locking on potential buyers. I'm interested lifetime... so if they dont add more payment methods 1 customer less. As they whis - 349 backers now...
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