will there be a trading system ?

is there a trading system? will there be limits? will there be no trading systems do to gold shops?

i play BDO and having no trading system constantly gets in the way  

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    Ashes will have a regional trading system not the every day auction house type that other games have. Markets will rely on players trading between cities and towns through the use of caravans.  Resources will spawn dynamically in different areas of the world and will have to be transported to places that need them to be sold.  

    Player shops are also being considered.  


  • In addition to what the person above me said, it sounds like we will be able to trade directly with each other like you can in most mmos besides bdo.
  • There will be player to player trading, mailbox and regional auctionhouse. We do not currently know what a trading capital will be able to do.
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