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Hello All

Super hyped for AoC, played a lot of MMORPGs in the past and not going to lie feel like I have turned into one of those silent solo players. So thought I would start as I mean to go on with this one and just say a big hello to everyone!


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    edited June 2017
    Welcome to the community!

    I'm also one of the silent solo players :p
    Anywho, if you want to talk even more, there is a discord too.
    The community is very friendly and if you have any questions, shoot away!

    Edit: so many exclamations D;
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    welcome to the community pumpkin ^^
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    Thanks for the welcome, will definitely be checking out the discord
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    Love the pumpkin icon!  Welcome aboard!  
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    Welcome to the community @Funkypumpkin \o :)
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    P-p-p-pumpkin!  Funkypumpkin what a great name, hah!
    ((My cat's name is actually Pumpkn)

    Welcome to the forum!  Hope you enjoy your time here while we pass the days waiting for Ashes!
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    *Google's what do pumpkins like..*

    Well that's something I never expected to be found today. Welcome!

    *releases a swarm of bees into this thread to welcome @Funkypumpkin*

    Hope to have a chance to interact before the game launches, being quiet isn't a bad thing..... and the community here is wonderful
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