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Creating Signature

Is there a good turtorial out there on how to create a signature? Would like to add one to my account.


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    There are sites that will create one for you based on templates, you could look into those. 
    You could look into gimp/photoshop, bascially just edit any picture you want to use.
    You could go into the Community creations sections of the forum and get one made by one of the community members ;) 

    If you're just looking to add one to your account: click on your profile -> click the icon next to your avatar (the person thing with the arrow aiming downwards) -> Preferences - > Signature settings (on the right side) -> Add text or image, you can add an image by either dragging and dropping one from your folders or upload with url via the image icon
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    edited June 2017
    @DaWizard you can do some good stuff on once you play with it a bit 

    After you create it you can just click and drag it into the signature section on Ashes site.
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