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What would you do IF...

... you woke up in alternate reality where you yourself are inside Ashes, and it's your life or death because there is no re spawn.


  • Probably would try to get trained in combat as quickly as possible while learning about the world.
  • There's only one thing I can't resist and that's a booze chick.
  • I think I'd do that by time I'd read the last one I had forgotten what the first said  :)
  • Can't get anywhere in life without hard work and effort, if the NPCs can do it, so can I.
  • Yeah i would want to be trained in the art of combat right away. so i can defend myself while i figure out how to get back to my reality. I would prolly meet some friend a long the way, who will quickly become my best most trusted friend. Some beautiful girl will most likely fall in love with me. She will eventually want to return to my home world once i find a way back. In the end ill find out that this world has much more to offer a person like me, so i would end up staying. Living my life out as a Warrior of men, Fighting for the good of humanity. A simple man, A leader, Born in august, I am Legend.  

  • Only 1 life so I wouldn't risk it, I'd try to invest in learning skills, combat, knowledge, magic if possible, but in same time living peaceful life, out of focus, trying to gain more friends, knowledge and influence, but with an attempt to stay neutral, and working for myself slowly.
  • All hail the noodly appendage!
  • Best thread ever lmao I love it xD
    I will be that booze chick xD 
  • Picked the one closest to what I'd do
  • Kill myself, 'cause no toilet paper.
  • Good question I could have picked several of the less agressive answers but picked the one that is most RL me.
  • Find a far off fishing hole and set up camp.
    @Dygz use leaves. Green ones. Make sure it's not poison ivy.
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    I am way too bougie to do that for more than a couple days!  :p 

  • What would you do if there was a child right in front of you
  • Easy one for me.  I'm an explorer at heart anyway.  It really was no decision at all.
  • Would definitely explore as much as I possibly can.  Can't travel much in the real world, so I think it would be a great change.
  • Shiz, I like my life here now. Family, friends...dont have that in Ashes. For any of yall after this that choose that 'Murder, theft' option, stay the heck away from me.
  • I'm not sure what an artisan will do, so I went with the closest choice. I want to hone my crafting skills and be the best craftsman in the land.
  • Might as well become like kirito can kick some butt.
  • I don't see what I'd do on the list.

    Assess the situation as best as possible. (through any panic etc. I may undergo. As to be fair I'm not sure of my reaction but I usually handle crazy pretty well.) Attempt to integrate myself well enough to start earning coin and learn combat techniques to defend myself better.

    After which I would probably try and make a name for myself as a mercenary of sorts to garner public affection before forming a company. In general I like to have a field of control and understanding about where I am. I typically look like I don't do much but I follow a minimalist style of action. Basically "why strike twice when I only need to strike once?"

    Gaining enough favor and starting my company would if done well eventually permit me a degree of control over the areas I frequent. After that I'm not sure probably wing it and try to gain the power to become an immortal or preferably a demigod. Simply because with that kind of power I can protect and guide people for eternity.

    Really don't care what happens to me in the end as long as I can help along the way I guess?
  • I'd do the traveling, but with a home to return to. 
    Personally I'd love to wake up in a game, the worlds are way more dangerous sure. But at least they're not as boring as reality, why else would we play them :p 
    I wouldn't miss this world one bit, except for maybe one or two people, other than that I don't really have any ties that I wouldn't be able to let go of. 
  • I'd be boring and normal for a while, because boring andnormal puts food in my belly and doesn't get me killed.  I like food.

    I'd get extra bored after a while, and prolly take the warrior route.  Because loot.
  • Swifter than booze, quicker to resolve. *sagenod*
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    There is one option missing that I would do... Fap furiously like an animal.
  • Unless I found a dimensional portal that I can go in and out anytime or if it's not like a SAO NerveGear thing then I'm off. There are things that I will miss here. Eventhough I possess magic(I assume) I don't think I can live there on long term unless I'm somewhat at the edge of committing suicide in real world. Then I'd be like "never going back to that world ever!!"
  • if the world really is dangerous, I wouldn't want to lose any limbs, so I'd try to live relatively normally without taking too much risk
  • A secluded trading post would be nice although I would like to move around the world to.
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    ''Try to stay out of sight and trouble but in same time move around and try to obtain as much info about the new world, try to stay neutral, but learn about everything, get some resources in legit way as much as possible, invest in your knowledge and other skills, try to grow more powerful, make important friends if possible, but slowly and safely without putting focus on yourself''

    Since there wasn't really a 'mercenary' option I'll go for becoming AoC's very own Littlefinger. Make money>open a brothel>make even more money>get involved in politics>poison some annoying boy-king... Sounds like a decent life to me ^^. (The only downside would be that my love life would probably suck, RIP Catelyn T.T)
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