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Introduction/Looking for guild and attention

Well, let me shortly introduce myself.
My name is Mahuza, of course its not my real name that my mother gave me, i created that name with the power of my fantasy to cloak my identity from the evil place called "teh interwebs". But if you fulfill high standards and surpass various tasks and challenges, that may very well cost your life, i will tell you that im called Sebastian.

About myself: I´m currently lvl 24 and if everything runs according to plan i will get my next lvl somewhat around next season. I didn´t died once so my K/D is still 0/0.
My favourite food is pizza with seafood toppings but im currently on a diet so no pizza for me ... this sucks!
I´m totally not afraid of gorillas but if a really angry gorilla would stand right in front of me i would probably be scared.

More about myself: I come from a land called Austria (no not the one with the kangaroos) its the land were famous people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozart and Hitler came from!
I recently got sick and drank a cup of tea which makes me also a little bit british i guess. But if not,  at least i can understand their language pretty good. Im not really used to speak or write english (maybe you noticed that already). But i´m willing to learn.

I consider myself as a hardcore gamer and actually still looking for a guild in "insert name of the game which this form is all about"!
Now the thing is i would like to be in a hardcore guild but the most of such guilds and their members got a pretty big stick forgot that the main focus should still be HAVING FUN TOGETHER. But i have to warn you i can be a little bit special sometimes (at least thats what my mom told me to tell people before they get in any sort of contact with me).

Actually a friend hit me up on steam to play some "Playerunknowens Battlegrounds" so i will
finish this up now with some raw data:

- Got the 1000 money pack
- I´m on a freaking AoC hypetrain
- played several other MMOs
-I´m the guy who is to lazy to be a guild leader but to engaged to be just a simple member
-I bench 200 pounds
-im the guy who will take holidays when the game is released and pump in about 150h in 2 weeks
-I´m quite  a nerd even before it was cool (if it even is cool nowadays)

And now to finish things up cause we are in a forum in "the interwebs" and my friend starts to spam now i wish you all farewell with a:

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