Greetings, glorious adventurers! If you're joining in our Alpha One spot testing, please follow the steps here to see all the latest test info on our forums and Discord!

Greetings and salutations!

Excited to be here and backing this game. The potential seems amazing and I can't wait to set foot in the world for the first time. Hope to see you all around! :smile:


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    Hi and welcome friend glad to see people like you, great community here take a look in the different sections for more you will find nice people to guide you
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    Greetings @Valcutio and welcome to the community :) Hope to see you too!
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    Welcomes to the wonderful world of AoC. Soda not provided.
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    Welcome to the Ashes of Creation forums, @Valcutio !
    I think you'll find we're all just as excited for that potential here!

    Here, have ye an ale on me!

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    Well @Rumbleforge if you're paying for us all!

    *Offers @Valcutio happy thoughts as a welcome to the community*

    Welcome, great to have you among us, we're a happy little community fueled by hype and enthusiasm.
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    Hello hello!!  Welcome to the community!

    btw...for your safety, I'd recommend sipping that ale slowly....   @Rumbleforge tends to stock up on the really strong stuff....
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