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Hi and hallo

Hi guys, greetings from good old germany.^^
Since 20 years I am playing MMOs. God .... I´m so much old .... how ever .... ;-)
I´m realy exited for this game and waiting for more Informations.
Hope we will have much fun together with this game.
And pleeaasseee, give us some EU-server. :smile:


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    Hi there, Welcome to the Ashes forum. You get your wish! There will be EU servers. :)
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    Welcome and greetings from the USA.  Happy to have you join us here.  There most likely will be separate servers for the regions.  It's too bad that it still has to be that way in order to play.  Would be nice if we could all be together.  
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    Welcome to the waiting room!

    *passes out moist towellettes in welcome*

    We have EU servers, just English language so far, but that may change over the next two years who knows. :)

    Hope to have a chance to meet you in game 
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    Hi @Moloko73 and welcome to the community :)
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    First of all, thanks so much for your friendly wellcomme me !!

    Oh really, we will get some EU-servers ?! Before, my Information was they only thinking about that. So, now you gave me this wonderfull news. Thanks !

    Who knows, if we will meet IG each other, I will spend some beers to you guys. :-)

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    Moloko73 said:

    Who knows, if we will meet IG each other, I will spend some beers to you guys. :-)

    And here I was just about to offer 'ye a dwarven ale! Hah!

    Welcome to the community @Moloko73 !  :D 
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    A very warm welcome, fellow European traveler.
    Not only EU servers: you can also find the first EU guild recruitment threads in the Guild section of the forum. Try take a peek!
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    Heller there
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