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Caravan Mechanics (Idea that should be implemented)

Caravans will be a point of interest.

Due to the likely hood certain nodes will be more targeted then others moving goods to spice things up Caravans should not only be able to transport goods. But also people.

This would allow for more strategy and diverse player interaction via play and counter play.

If a covered wagon can carry and conceal players this brings a marvelous amount of options to the table.

Caravans could have extra hidden guards that aren't seen by a scout via a covered wagon. So what seems to be a lightly guarded Caravan would actually be more then the attackers bargained for.

This could allow very precious cargo to be bolstered in defense while maintaining the routine size of a scheduled shipment, with no one knowing better.

It could also bring in a way to make attacking a caravan more diverse.

Maybe nodes B and E have a weekly Caravan of traded supplies go down the same road on the same day usually passing each other.
Perhaps node B's Caravan is intercepted and pirated. The attackers take the goods and hide them in the woods or wherever. But, they then jump into the Caravan and proceed down that path in the Caravan still flying node Bs colors... when this pirated Caravan crosses paths with node E's Caravan like it usually does it allows for a sneak attack!

Perhaps the commandeering of a caravan inst even needed for that. Perhaps Caravans should be weary of any other covered wagons coming towards them in the distance.

Oh your shipments to your nearest neighbor has been sacked the last 3 days in a row? Send another today but zero goods and all troops concealed inside. Just to make those attackers think twice next time or perhaps make them find another node to try to disrupt!

@intrepid I still want to work for the studio! I have so many ideas and know how to implement them!


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    With what we know as the current design for caravans, the attackers are already at an inherent disadvantage, and rightfully so considering the risk versus reward for the caravan owner. However, adding concealed people might make it a little too much, the players involved in attacking should be aware of what they are getting into. I think the caravan system should be intended as only attackers and defenders, a concealment mechanic makes the defenders more predatory which kinda blurs those lines. But the idea of have "dummy" caravans is likely going to be a thing when transporting a large amount of resources.
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    I think this is a good idea that may lead to some interesting dynamics. I can imagine "gank wagons" full of PvPers just waiting to be attacked.

    I think "extra hidden guards" are going to be there in the game with or without this dynamic though. Players assigned or hired by the merchants and guilds with goods on the wagon. A viable strategy would be to lurk at a distance and wait for hapless attackers/defenders to engage the caravan, then blamo.
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