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Full time Ashes of Creation streamer from Closed beta1 onwards

Hello, my name is Wibang, and I'm from Finland. I'm planning to start streaming this game from Alpha 2 onwards. This game looks like a good place to be if you love crafting and economy in general. I sure do!

What my stream is about?

1. Mostly focusing on crafting and solo content. Maybe I find a good clan to join though?
2. Summoner gameplay, and maybe a tank as an alt?

I have always loved watching people that do non traditional things, like crafting and soloing content. What better way to show respect and love for it than doing it myself too?

What I'm hoping from my stream?
1. Discussion about best things in crafting and solo content.
2. Sharing ideas and less known facts.
3. Friends to make both things more fun and enjoyable.

I will be speaking 2 languages in my stream, my native and english. So don't shy away if I need to answer something in Finnish once a while. Maybe you even get a laugh or two from my accent.

Here is my channel, and I hope you pop by and say hello :)


  • Good luck will crash sometimes ;)
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    edited August 2017
    Awesome :), can't wait for Closed beta1 to start!
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    edited June 2017
    Oh! Darkest Dungeon!
    I'm going to have to watch that playthrough and see if you have me yelling at the screen.  :p

    We gotta wait a whole year and a half before we see your Ashes vids!!!  :(
    Sounds like it will be fun to watch you!!

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    edited August 2017
    All my friends seem to hate darkest dungeon gameplay, they prefer much more that sweet starcraft 2 high action game :). I'm surely going to update on that weekly though, playing it a bit offstream too.

    And let's hope they release closed beta1 faster than that!
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