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Welcome all new Backers, Followers, and Lurkers

I just wanted to welcome everyone that is coming onto these boards. Everyone in the AoC community has been very helpful and nice and I want to pay it forward in some way. As the Discord information is not readily available that I can see I figured I would make this post. So just click this link and come talk with fellow gamers who have a passion for the game.

If you are looking for a guild there are already many up and running and while we may not have a game to play from Intrepid yet, they still play many other games and MMOs while they wait. Being that I am making this post for everyone I won't shamelessly plug the awesome guild I am apart of, but hmu on discord if you want more info.

Finally I am sure you are being peppered with referral links or will soon enough. If you want an in depth FAQ of how it works check out this link
But the jist of it is that for every person they refer they get 15% of what they spend on the game. But If that person also refers someone, then the amount of money the original referrer makes is less as the person he referred is paying less. (Aka. Not a pyramid scheme)

Thanks for joining the community and I hope to play both AoC and many other games with you.
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