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Kick Starter and Summer Rewards..

Hello, I've just recently herd of the game and made account on the website. I learned through a video from the team on their account that kick starter is no longer an option? I would love to receive the rewards from kick starter. I actually found this game through a "Top 10 MMO" dedicated you tube account and not from the creators or advertising(if any) at all. I don't wanna say it's unfair but I feel like I am missing out. I think it would be fair for those who couldn't donate on kick starter to get the same rewards they should've got although couldn't since they didn't have the required payment options. And for those who already donated on kick starter, they would get the new summer rewards as well.


  • I totally agree with this... I just found out about the game myself and im extremely hyped! I talked to my wife about the game and she got hyped too, so we decided to take the big risk that we never though we would take... pay 400$ ( canadian currency ) ) for a game that is not even made... but we thought that if this game is a success we would def want to have those rewards shown on this website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1791529601/ashes-of-creation-new-mmorpg-by-intrepid-studios

    Weapon/Armor/Horse backers skins, Dye set, puppy/kitten pets, etc... it says Backer only. So I thought that If i become a backer now I would get those rewards too. After alot of research I heard that those are only rewards to those who participated in the kickstarter a month ago... Why shouldnt I get those rewards too? I have just donated 400$ and for us ( wife and myself ) that is a LOT of money. I would feel left out if I didnt get the same rewards as the others... 
  • I have found out about this project ( Ashes of Creation ) a few days ago. In a video where the person said its our last chance to become a backer. So after alot of research about this project I fell in love with Ashes of Creation! My wife too! We're both looking foward to playing this game with everyone else... 

    We both decided to take the big risk and buy 2 founder packages ( one for each ). Thats 300$ US, but we're from canada and we had to pay 400$ canadian currency, which is ALOT for us. 

    We decided to become backers after viewing the rewards on this website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1791529601/ashes-of-creation-new-mmorpg-by-intrepid-studios

    - All backers receive a Kitten or Puppy pet
    - All backers receive Unique Weapon Skins with Particle Effect
    - All backers receive a Unique Armor skin set
    - All backers receive a water mount
    - All backers receive a unique set of dye colors
    - All backers receive a unique mount armor set
    - All backers receive variant skill FX set

    I was like woah, if im a backer I will have access to all those rewards?! Im in! ( my wifey too ). So we became backers and spent 300$ US together.

    Now im told that I will not get those rewards, those rewards are not for backers but ONLY for the kickstarter backers... I did not know of this... and I do not think its fair to be honest... Why shouldnt I get those rewards too after paying so much money...  Is there any way to refund that money? I would honestly feel very sad to do so, but I feel betrayed. In 2-3 years when the game is released I'll see all those other players with their backers rewards while, even though im a '' backer '' too, I wont have those rewards.

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  • ... I was able to read what you said before you edited it... and I want to say that the summer rewards wont be the same, we might reach 1000 backers and get a dance, but thats it. besides, those rewards doesnt look very good compared to the KS ones...
  • Hi @Wickster ;

    The crowdfunding rewards and goals are different things (in KS as well as the Summer funding campaign).

    The rewards, listed on the right hand side of the page are what you get when you pledge that amount. For example, if you pledged $150 each in the summer campaign, you will be entitled to all of these

    The goals (on the left hand side) are the ones that have to be unlocked. There is still time for the summer funding goals to unlock! So all I can suggest is to spread the word and help unlock them for everyone :)
  • Yes I realise that, now. But even if I spread the word, I doubt we'll be getting more than just the Founder's Dance. Upon my purchase we thought that we would be getting said KS rewards too. Is there a way to refund my 400$ ?
  • Wickster said:
    Yes I realise that, now. But even if I spread the word, I doubt we'll be getting more than just the Founder's Dance. Upon my purchase we thought that we would be getting said KS rewards too. Is there a way to refund my 400$ ?
    Yeah sadly the whole point for the Summer Backing project was to allow those that were present for the KS but couldn't pay via KIckstsrter methods had an opportunity to pledge to AoC. 
    The Summer Backing project isn't for any monetary gain so hasn't been advertised in the same manner as KS :)
    Im not sure how to refund because I've not refunded but I'm sure there is a way :)
  • :(   I dont know what to say about that. I dont want to refund really but at the same time I feel betrayed and left out.
  • Wickster said:
    :(   I dont know what to say about that. I dont want to refund really but at the same time I feel betrayed and left out.
    I know it sucks but if you think about it - the Summer Backer scheme was almost never there at all, and it's allowed you to get some nice stuff you wouldn't have been able to have gotten if they had just left it with the KS and not given people who couldn't have purchased in KS any alternative at all.
    In that sense you're one of the lucky players :3 people after the Summer Backer will miss out :)
  • In the interests of including a wider community at the grassroots of Ashes, Intrepid forged ahead with the summer crowdfunding campaign, despite some very harsh criticism from a vocal group of KS backers. I think they've done a great job of trying to include both communities in this awesome project, but in the end it is impossible to satisfy everyone. If you want a refund on your pledge, then you should contact Intrepid directly at [email protected] All the best to you, whatever decision you make :)
  • thank you
  • So to clarify, as what has been said above, for the Kickstarter backers (From Kickstarter.com), they will receive all the backer goals/stretch goals if they pledged 25 dollars or higher. With Summer Backing, that's a different thing entirely and cannot legally be the same as Kickstarter exclusives - that's why Summer Backing will have its own stretch goals. 

    I hope this clarifies things and I'll go ahead and close this thread! Thanks again :D
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