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The Fair

Could have been better. Didnt get interviewed. and couldnt get into the waiting room. but we registered and had a channel. though they did popin for two seconds to ask how our day was never to return. we did miss the guild diplomacy chat. our faults. we also had no idea the announcement would be made there

i think they need to plan more interviewers next time. or a better way to set up who still needs interviewed. Proper announcements

i must also say. Good job to saru for doing the great job that he did. 


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    This is why it was done so early. At this stage, let's be completely honest and realistic, most of these guilds won't survive by the time the game comes out, the same probably holds true with the people who've committed to the guilds as a result of the fare. Definitely a lot of room for improvement, but the next few will be a lot better, learning from the mistakes of this one and ironing out the kinks. To be fair, there wasn't a lot of notice for a lot of guilds and even for the hosts. That's fine, it was a solid start and can only go onwards and upwards from there.
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