Greetings from Belgium

Greetings all!

Long time gamer here, 25+ years, been for a long time excited again about an upcoming mmorpg ! Lets give the devs feedback , input , opinions, discussions,  ... so we can have an even greater MMORPG again !

I am currently playing ESO and enjoying it massively, luckily I got something to look out for in the coming years aswell, good times!

See you all around,



  • I get a spike of Joy everytime I see someone new on the Ashes of Creation Forum. Welcome my friend! You can help with our collective input as the devs do read our suggestions and concerns frequently.
  • Welcome to the forums, @Kozzion! (*^▽^)/
    People are still rolling out ideas and speculations all over the place! 
    Especially with the guild fair bringing people closer together already, we are getting to know one another! 
    Have you joined the AoC discord?

  • Welcome to the forum mate! Hopefully, with how open they are being with the community. We can all work together and see this game to success.
  • Welcome to the forums @Kozzion! May your travels be light and your stay merry! This is a very nice community and I hope you enjoy being aboard the hype train. :)
  • Welcome to the community!
  • Welcome mate!
  • Welcome to the community I hope your stay here will be fun
  • Greetings @Kozzion and welcome to this fun place :)
  • A very warm welcome, fellow traveler. Indeed the wait will be long, but I'm sure AoC it's worth it!
  • Welcome to the community!
  • Welcome to the community ^^
  • Greeting @Kozzion and welcome to the community. One day we shall make waffles together.
  • Welcome to the community XD
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    *Sees @WhyMe2000f 's fireworks, goes "pfft" and strapping a dwarf to a barrel of gunpowder sets up  an awesome show to welcome @Kozzion to the community*

    Welcome! I hope that you've been having a great time onboard with everyone so far :)

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