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Kickstarter and changed e-mail address.

I recently changed my e-mail address in all my accounts online because I found out that I will be losing access to my old e-mail account in near future. This happened to mean that I changed my kickstarter e-mail address after I backed ashes of  creation, but before the kickstarter campaign ended. I still received the e-mail "kickstarter account integration" to my old e-mail address that I used to have in kickstarter. I still have access to both of the e-mail addresses, so because that e-mail about integration I made this account using my old e-mail address. Is this integration going to work considering my current kickstarter e-mail address is different than e-mail address in this account or what should I do?


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    Hi @Baoran
    in a recent update here yaviey had this to say 

    So basicly, if you don't want to update your email on the website to match the kickstarter or are unable you can apply a code directly onto your account.

    So applying the code, once it's sent out will work best for you :smile:
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    Thanks. I just want to make sure, is the code going to be sent in the new e-mail address that I changed to kickstarter and not the old e-mail address where you sent the "Kickstarter account integration" e-mail? Just asking this to make sure in case I lose access to old e-mail address before the code e-mail arrives.
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    The code will be sent out to the registered email on the kickstarter, if you received the account integration email, it will more than likely be the same email as that, if your concerened that you may lose access to that account, and in doing so lose your key, i suggest you send a email to 
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    Thank you for sharing this information. Very helpful.
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    hey mate just following up was your concerns addressed and resolved by customer service?
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    Hi i haven't heard back from you in regards to your issue being resolved, i'm going to go ahead and close the thread if your still having trouble with your account please open up a new thread or contact me or another moderator to help you out. 
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