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[NA] Cynical Gaming - PvP | Discord | Castle Focused

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Discord | Twitch Group | Website

Leader: Tirithel, Eravin
Focus: Large-scale/Competitive PvP | End Game Raiding/Competitive PvE
Timezone: Times are given in EST, maximum player count 6 PM to 12 PM
Size Goal: 300+ / Castle Siege Ready

About Us:

We are Cynical Gaming, we are a multi-gaming semi-hardcore PvP guild that is endgame driven. What separates us from other guilds is that we realize that real life comes first. Between all of our leadership, we have over ten years experience managing guilds and around five years doing it together. Games that we've played together include Archeage, Black Desert Online, FlyFF, Maple Story, Terra, and much more.

Why Join:

If you're looking for a good time, want to kill some people, and be gunning for some server firsts this is the guild for you! 

Guild Ranks:

TBD - Pending AOC Information.


Q: How do I join?
A: Hop on our Discord and talk to us! If you're looking to kill some players, currently a lot of our guys are in our Black Desert Online guild - there is a bit of a waiting list but we'll do what we can to get you in. We have other games that we play as well.

Q: Are you PK friendly?
A: Hell yeah!


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